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Paragraph operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Paragraph operations include:. Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Zone operations include:. Those With the new notices also of last week, and the equally novel and voluminous.

To analyse such lengthy and etuborattt productions we will not now pre sume, We fear the task would be as unin ftructive to the readier as it would be fa tiguingto the critic. Indeed' we are quite contented wild the strength of the position we have taken, and the stand we have hitherto made against the. Al'Leay, liked, at his or their Do , they cut b that abused prerogative?

Doihey punish the parties so loudly and bo bii terly complained against? No 1 Do they redress the wrongs of the Colonists-? Do they meditate one act exclusively to benefit the Colony? N;oJ , Ko! What do they then » My Lord? The plan of indenture,?? General Djirlinsr ia not re-ap'polntctf.

Since the ar rival of the Australia, various reports have gut abroad. IJurkff, formerly t»f the Cape— others by tienerat Don, Uta of librattur— otliers again by Sir Hubert Wilson-— anil others by soius body else. We only mention those names as mere matter of report.

Ure think the foHowitig, however, rather likely : —A cir etilar has been addressed to the Governor of C«iioniesk generally, ifying that all who have been five years in their respective go vernments nro to be forthwith dunged, their sneceskom to have very reduced salaries. This, if true, rather militates against the pd rft-appcinuii«nt of Colonel Arthur. M'Leay is to prepare also for a successor, die change trouiil'be nothing without tliiit, aiid to 'disgorge KHz. Bay ; that tlie mounted police arc- to be re duced ; each private, 6J.

Forbes 8! K'h docs, after this. JJut the news of the expected change of Government alone, is what illumina'. We are gratified to find a sort of re action -beginning to be felt through town and coun. Horned stock is frt»t'ii»proving in price , a3 well owing to internal consumption, as to the large quantities of beef now salting di-»vn for exportation. As a proof of the si'. Besides tho flying rumours Tvhich we have given expression to elsewhere, tho arrival pf the i AifetValia adds' little to our itock of n«wa from Eti 'land.

The lleforip jBill is reported to have been lost! But w« nro as yet unable to trace thu report to any autlisntic souroo. Very possibly it may have come out with 'some startling clauses tacked on to it, which would induce Ministers ra thor to take the chances of a dis olution than to push tho Bill to a third reading- in its amended state. But then the news of a dissolution would very likely be prior to w'. In point of fact, with the ex ception md from that exception we have on reason to except Ld. The people of England ici7- hive reform. One reform, wil.

And whether the great day pf be postponed a week, or a month, or a year, or two years, or longer, it is suf ficient t» know that that day is approach ing. Coronets, atuLlawu sleeves, and fund holdcrs» and 'all vrlia fatten on the public, may unite, bul they will not prevail. Ei ther revolution will soon settle aU qualm? And JEraiice, we look upon it, is now the richest and strongest country in Europe! It is net clillionlt to foresee that Franco immt soon Uq'M republic, The Bourbons were ever a hollow race, and eveu in tho mock person of the ' Citizen King,' under the musk of ultra liberalism, they still shew their hatred of liberty.

Though seemingly repealed, tho infamous, ordinations ngnmst the Pro's, which lost CluirloB X his throne, riud Itis Ministers till but Weir he, worn I. Now, the T'reueh people know their strength — they tire. But their subjects? French principles have already pretty generally dis posed them in the way they shall go. France is now the richest and most potent power in Europe; and will England look on indifferently, nud suffer patiently, and t. They know tliat they can neither keep their. Whit then. By the first, it would- follow that' all colonies abroad.

Who has a better right to re rjniro some scrviee in return for the wages he pays his servant than the employer, at the, hands of that servant? Yet in this position stands -the govern ment of, a eoun try with regard to' the people. But if he behave ill, or ba not wortb his hire, then tho employer has n right to nse correc tion, or to discharge that servant, and employ ano tlicr to do his buiinesn batter. And who have a better right to share in tho framing of laws, or who arc more likely to Irani c laws for tin com mon benefit, so well as tho people who are to be affected by.

The farce of ripeness or un ripeness of? By the second mca? Bie, there would ba some chance. Vet in this position does the Church ef England still stand with relation to tho people at large, and to the clergy of other perstu sions r and ean it ba? Hrray «r -U«« nn-y. TLe spirit. What cares he for tUc petitions of the peo ple? IVIisit'lias he in common with the middling classes? Of the descriptions given of the plan of roform, we are most satisfied with that of Sir George Clerk, who says, ' without going- into tlie details of the pliit't -if with one hand ministers cut ofl'.

Gatton and Old Sanini, in ordc«- to give votes to the inhabitants of Birmingham, with the other they cutoff the scot and lot voters of West minster, and. The Globe speaks out. Jlerc we have a triumphant confirmation of what we have above ventured to state:— Ir m the height of folly in any statesman to judge of the course he. J and to the stnte of weak ness to which. ThU, and many other foriiM -of danger, ought to be present to the mind of the antire formers. And, on the other hand, let them figtira to tliemselyoit, if.

We do sincerely believe that not one man of tolerable head among the aulireform ers can figure to hi'msclf such a result. The Duke of Devonshire, the Marquis of Lansdown, and others of the wealthiest nobility arc throwing- up their borough pa tron ago, all are doing; homage before the high spirit of the press. All are wisely bending to tlie plastic spirit of tlie times :— '?

The Earl of- Shrewsbury has published a short pamphlet, entitled Suggestions for the Improve ment of the Labouring Poor, addressed to every Member of thn Legislature, the style U turgid but the matter good , in which he observes, ''As far as my knowledge extends, no administration has ever yet ruled in this country that can justly ba said to have' governed ipithany desire Jo establish the interests of the people.

The whole object seems to have been to extort ai much money an possible for purposes of tin most lavish and. Tile people hnvc at length discovered their real strength ; the natural order of things has been reversed — they lead instead of being led ; they have taught the rulers of nations that the avenging day, though delayed, is not delayed for ever ; that jus tice, however outraged, will at length l'e-asscrt her authority'; that the power of the oppressor shall cease, the hand of tyranny shall wither.

The petitioners further stated, that the churchwardens, overseers, and trustees of the parish mmnoralised the commissioners, remonstra ting against the intended erection, as soon its they discovered that the ground had been prepared' for it, which was the first intimation they had of the intentions of the commissioners. The French Ministry appear to be by no means united.

His fortune is one. He lias been at thehead of the liberal party for the last fifteen years, was one of the nmiu nnthor. Whnt a sapient longlietulod genileinui is Mr. Ei« cnn-;. And iii-. The expense was an insuperable obirtiiS. Some nicmljer laughed. To continue, the. Th«dnty on ltJai! JZ tlcman Mr. Herrles , wouhl. To the CanS'5 anticipated that great ad ran tage would a.

Snc'i a course would bperi the si liavvrence to tlic. The following may be iiitcrostiiig tj our fair readers :—» ,.. But the beaurvol ihp weather, and tlie ntimber of ladies gaily 'attired who lined tile balconiei and windows' of Pall nialf' or av. Vto Hi,! Weaddrcsses 0?

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