Women nude Fort Myers Beach

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A Fort Myers woman was arrested Saturday after she and a Fort Myers man, both naked, were seen having sex on the side of a red truck in a residential area. A report by the sheriff's office said that as a deputy rolled up to the location she saw a completely nude man engaging in sexual intercourse on the side of the truck with Tammy Lee Powers, Powers and the man were persuaded to stop their act and to get dressed.

A request for identification was heeded by the man but deputies said Powers cursed at them and refused to provide her ID. She eventually provided ID. The man told police that he had met Powers a short time earlier and she had asked him for a ride home since she had crashed her bicycle. As he was giving her a lift, the man said Powers asked if he wanted to have sex and he agreed, pulling into a vacant lot near the intersection. While the deputy was questioning the man, Powers tried to walk away and ignored the deputy's orders to remain and instead cursed at the deputy and continued walking.

The report said the deputy was forced to handcuff Powers and place her, forcibly, into the sheriff's cruiser. The report said that since the man had no outstanding warrants and cooperated with deputies, he was released and allowed to walk home, leaving his truck parked.

Powers will face charges of indecent exposure and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors, at a hearing Dec. Facebook Twitter . Fort Myers woman arrested having sex in public. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Women nude Fort Myers Beach

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