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This forum thread is moderated by Admin. Posts: Reply With Quote. The prices are "all included" as indicated by Yapeyu in the prices are the same this year. The name of the road in Catalan is "Avenguida Cristofol Colon" : ring at the button "Atico" at 45, enter the building, go to the top floor and ring to the unique door. After, let the "mamasan" guide you. Most of the 10 girls are Russian and they do not speak English: only Russian or Spaniish. I will go again as soon as possible. Can anyone recommend some more girls from Tarragona?

I will visit Spain in a few weeks and need some reviews and details of the working ladies. AlinaRelax Cambrils Had a nice time there begin of november with Rosana, the only spanish girl at that time. Very natural, willing, with complete service. They are 8 girls in the flat, range from 6 to 8. Very friendly and nice setup. Club Brigitte in Cunit Walked into this club at in the afternoon. No cover. I walked over to a pretty, thin, well-proportioned girl of about 21 with long black hair. I asked her how much. She said 60 euros for a half hour.

She took me upstairs, stopping along the way at the laundry for some towels I had to tip the laundry woman 2 euros. In the room she got naked right away, as did I. Didn't bother washing up. I found out she was Romanian. Not the best I've ever had, but she was beautiful. It is was? There was a go-kart track on the left, just before you came to the entrance to the small road on the right that led to the club, which was about yds back from the road. It was real easy to see at night with the neon .

Arrived at 10pm and only 5 cars in the car park bad went in and was charge 10E, which included a free drink. Sat next to the 7 Romanian so she could grope me while I had my drink. She quoted 60E 20min or 90E 45min no 30min option. Finished my drink, said I was going to Privee and walked out. Pulled up to the bar ordered a coke 7 Euro approached by a Nigerian girl 9 but I was in the mood for a blonde so said no thank you. Then approached by a 6 foot dark haired Romanian 7 but again not what I was looking for said I wanted a blonde so she disappeared and returned with her friend who was just as tall and had greasy skin 5.

Then I spotted exactly what I was looking for a petit blonde with see-cups, great ass, flat stomach, and good English in my book. Agreed 30mins 70E and went up stairs. She washed me and washed herself then cbj and dfk to warm up and I asked to start with cowgirl. Next 20min where spent teaching her the names of various positions in English with practical demonstrations. I left Privee just after midnight and the car park was full which is a very good testament to how good Privee is. Please for more information. Friday night decided to go out and try a place I'd seen on the Tarragona Salou road opposite the Jaguar Tarraco garage seeB just off the N Place is called Capocino and is set in a industrial unit.

Arrived at 10pm and there were only about 5 cars in the car park bad , 10E to get in including a drink. Went in and there were only 5 girls in the bar and it was a large bar twice the size of Privee and only one other man chatting to a girl. Women were all 5's Being Generous apart from one 7.

Approached the 7 and she was Romanian. Already decided I was leaving and cut my loses but made sure I had my drink. Spoke with the girl and prices were 20min 60E, 45min 90E, no 30min option. Finished the drink and said I was going to Privee and walked out. No cover to get in. Got a coke from the bar and was approached by an 8 from Nigeria but I was in the mood for a blonde. Then approached by a 6'3" dark haired romanian, I'm 5'10" so she towered over me. Said I was interested in a blonde and she disappeared and came back with her friend 6 who was just as tall. They then started trying to sell a threesome.

To expensive and I could have 2 sessions with 2 different girls for a lot less. I couldn't get them to move away so walked off round the bar and was chased for one lap of the bar by a lady in her 50's -4 and ordered by some black girls 6 to come to them. I then spotted exactly what I was looking for a petit Blonde see bust, great ass, and spoke english in my book called Abbey. Opted for 30mins 70E and went up stairs. We washed then cbj, dfk, then asked for reverse cowgirl to start. She didn't understand so with a bit of movement and direction she got the idea. Next 20mins were spent teaching her the names of various positions in english with practical demonstration.

Great time with no rushing. Left Privee just after midnight and the Car park was packed, which is quite a good advertisment compared to the first place. Club Privee - it's all true! Gents, I went to Club Privee a few weeks ago and agree with and can vouch for the last correspondent's report. Admittedly I was fairly drunk while I was there so my ultimately my memory lacks the detail for a good FR but there are several dozen top quality women available, all wearing next to nothing in a super convivial environment, about Euros cab ride away from Salou..

Furthermore, one of the few things I clearly recall is that once you're in a room the service is excellent and I got the notion that the mamesan is makes sure that the girls spend the alloted time with the punters.. Highly recommended. Privee Suprisingly there's been no reports for this area for a long time, so I'll do my best as a first time poster. The Tarragona area is very heavily industrialised with ports and oil refineries so there are a lot of clubs mainly situated on the N from Tarrgona to Miami Playa approx 10 varying sizes.

I visited Privee on the C14 between Reus and Salou on the south bound side of the carriageway. Arrived at Tuesday night no entrance fee. I've been told there is a fee of 20E on Friday and Saturday nights including a free beer. On entering there were girls and about 20 men. The bar is in the middle of the room so you can circle the area and checkout the available girls mostly 's. I ordered a coke 7 Euro as I was driving beers are 17 Euro. While the barman was pouring the drink a hand worked it's way up the my back and through my hair.

Once I had the drink in my hand I turned to be confronted by a tall EE girl 7. She had a cigarette in her mouth, which I find a total turn off, I said "I don't like smokers" but she misunderstood and told me your allowed to smoke in here. I wasn't interested and moved away with her following initally before taking a hint. I'd seen a IMHO on my first circle.

Moving round the bar I made eye contact. She came across and started talking Spanish, I asked if he spoke English and she did a little. Her name was Paula from Brazil aged 23 about 5'4" with a round ass and nice breasts. Said what I wanted and she agreed. Prices were 69E 30min or E 60min. Decided on 30mins and was taken upstairs where you pay at the desk and the girl is given linen and a room key.

She then gets any extras from her own locker, perfume, soap, condoms etc.

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