Wives wants sex tonight Subtle

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In the book Wanting Sex Again read it , Laurie Watson points out that if women repeatedly have sex without having orgasms, they stop wanting sex. Also, in behavioral terms, if you get punished for a behavior, i. I ask to go down on her 15 times a day. Her orgasm is more important to me than my own! Yet she still rebuffs me like I am the Elephant Man. On an average evening, I will assume that your wife starts out more stressed than you.

Read why here. What use is that type of thinking? To combat this stress mode, you need a two pronged approach. If you want any hope of pronging your beloved, that is. Do the chores. Make her feel physically good and relaxed, which will make her subconsciously, and consciously, associate physical pleasure with you and your body. 2 is the focus of this post. Making your wife feel physically relaxed in no way includes your penis.

Note: if you are a woman with a higher sex drive than your husband , this does not apply. High sex drive people often do relax via sex with minimal foreplay, emotional or physical, needed. Now unless your penis is super skilled, it cannot be employed to give a fantastic scalp massage.

If it can, then you are a talented man and need to be out growing your YouTube following instead of wasting time reading this post. The key is to pick whatever physical activity your wife has historically enjoyed, from the above list or not, and offer it to her, and do it without any sulking or sexual remarks until she indicates you should stop. Here is NOT what to do:. Trust in karma that she will wake up refreshed and incrementally, or exponentially, more in the mood for your sweet loving. Your homework asment this week, then, is to share this post with your wife.

You do it until she says stop. Even if 5 is the outcome, so what? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Psych Mom? To the second I say, yeah, maybe, but more likely, your wife will come to associate you with physical pleasure, and will initiate sex more often.

What do you have to lose except some time? This blog is not intended as medical advice or diagnosis and should in no way replace consultation with a medical professional. If you try this advice and it does not work for you, you cannot sue me.

This is only my opinion, based on my background, training, and experience as a therapist and person. I have the same question as Selina above. No massage etc. What do I do? Women desire sex when the relationship is good and they are happy.

Although non-sexual touching or massaging your lady may lead to sex, it almost never does when she is not happy with her relationship. So, my advise is to strengthen your relationship first and create some desire…. The best way for a male to become desirable is to be confident. Now confidence is not something that comes in a bottle at your local supermarket but it is rather something you mentally create for yourself. Although confidence is all mental, it can easily be seen through your actions by the way you conduct yourself.

There are many ways to build confidence but most involve doing! Yes, doing things. Go back to school and upgrade your degree, go to trainings and work towards a promotion, take the flight classes you always want and learn to fly, do the handy man chores around the house that you have neglected for sometime, take the vacation with your wife that she has begged you for so long, take her dancing or to the concert she has been wanting to go to……..

A happy and accomplished man always reeks of confidence and all women admire and love a confident man! So start doing things today and stand proud!!! My wife is not interested in sex any time torch her she leaves the room and either either sits in the hall or outside the house. When I ask her why she will respond nothing. Over simplified and obvious tips repeated ad nauseum by every self help guru out there.

Sure a little funnier than some but not new and not helpful. Sure do all the chores and spend all the time in the world with no sexual physical touch and that means is she falls asleep earlier. If I am really lucky I might not get a no but certainly never a yes.

There is a big difference. Most of the time though she has gotten a servant I get nothing. None of these suggestions work with my wife. She just has no desire or interest in me. It makes me feel like the lowest trash. I lay awake every night wishing she would touch me or talk to me in bed but she never wants to and never ever does. Massages, gifts, compliments, chores, jokes, spending time, romantic music, cologne, flowers, chocolates make no difference.

She likes the nice things — but not me. From my experience with women I have concluded that they dislike sex even more than they dislike men after having babies. My heart is shattered every day but she never even notices. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Samantha Rodman Whiten — July 4, July 26, at pm — Reply. Superior Man. July 17, at am — Reply. Aaron Stone. October 21, at pm — Reply. April 3, at am — Reply. October 29, at pm — Reply.

Sounds like excellent advice. June 22, at pm — Reply. James White. July 7, at pm — Reply. November 15, at pm — Reply. April 21, at am — Reply. Samantha Rodman. I would recommend therapy. Nobody should live that unhappily. Therapy could really help. May 2, at am — Reply. Related Posts. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program deed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

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Wives wants sex tonight Subtle

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