Wife is out for the week

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In one video, Vil showed how her laundry had become filled to the brim with dirty clothes, with hardly any flooring visible in the room. In another scene, the wife points out how her husband had frustratingly left a half-used roll of toilet paper on top of an empty roll instead of changing it. She also claimed that half of their couch had become overrun with clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away.

Vil then recorded how she had left her side of the bathroom vanity sparkling clean - however his was piled up with mess. Even when he cleaned up the basin a day later, he bizarrely left cleaning products on the counter - as well as a few used cotton buds. Other footage shows the garbage bin piled up with rubbish and shoes and socks left on the floor. She also documented how messy their toilet was on day three, with cleaning solution spills and a toilet brush lying on the phone.

Throughout the week, the husband did make some attempt to tidy up various rooms - however by end of the week, Vil decided to extend her strike. That laundry gives me anxiety. Amy Sinclair 7Lifestyle. Lifestyle Cleaning Relationships TikTok.

Wife is out for the week

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Wife for a Week