Wanna dirty chat about watersports

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You are truly one of a kind. He was honestly surprised that you agreed to his sick fantasy. You feel your face burn and you hide behind your hands. He smiles at the sight, pressing your knees further up so they press against your chest. Immediately, you cry out as his cock pushes even deeper inside you, brushing against your cervix. He briefly thinks about what he could do to that little hole — wonder what you would let him do.

He shakes his head, fixing his gaze on you once again. The pillow strategically placed beneath your hips to angle them upwards to make sure, when the time comes, nothing leaks out. His cock throbs almost painfully in anticipation. How cute. Such a good little cockslut. You wanna be filled up, babygirl? Stuffed nice and full? You nod, gasping as you reach forward almost blindly.

His brows furrow together as he feels his balls throb. You know all the s, the pulsing of his cock in your tender walls to the way his lips part to release melodious, unabashed moans. The sound makes your walls clench involuntarily, pulling him over the edge. He grunts, rutting his hips against yours, the tip of his cock mashing against your cervix before he stills, his cock spitting out load after load of hot cum.

Finally, he stills, cock twitching within your cunt as he pants, looking down at you. Your eyes flutter before widening suddenly when you feel the first hot stream inside you. He hums and spre your folds apart, your little hole still gaping from where it was stretched around his thick cock. He wishes he could see clearly, see his piss filling up your little pussy. He sighs and, to your horror, thumbs at your clit. Immediately, your walls clench, forcing some of his piss out. Wanna see that, little baby. You sob, tears of shame filling your eyes as your body seizes, trembling as you cum.

Your eyes roll back and he groans, watching his cum dribble out, mixed with his piss. After all, you were so good to him.

Wanna dirty chat about watersports

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