Tonight but who knows

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Main Zugunruhe ». So the Dewey blog took a little break there -- you noticed, didn't you? Please tell us you noticed? And if you're looking for a particular second to celebrate, why not take a moment to prepare for the end of the world, which in the US, at least is due to occur in the early hours of tomorrow morning. At two minutes and three seconds past one o'clock. Tweet This! Sorry, but the end of the world at least the parts which use the Gregorian calendar, and have a fundamentalist interpretation of the Book of Revelations will come on the morning of June 6 of this year. Since this is the same date using either US or world conventions for date display, it is obviously twice as dire as tomorrow morning.

Posted by: Ron 04 April at PM. She wanted to know if that exact second had a special name. I failed to consult this DDC blog at that time, and was therefore unable to inform her that it would be called "the end of the world". I'd like to credit the wisdom you shared in your catag course for my hunch to transfer the woman to the appropriate Dewey section of the library.

Happy National Library Worker's Day to you. Posted by: former student 04 April at PM. I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but the longest Dewey consisting of consecutive digits is Parkhill on Fiction in the DDC. Main Zugunruhe » 04 April Who knows but the world may end tonight So the Dewey blog took a little break there -- you noticed, didn't you? Non-US citizens will have to wait about a month. And is ceramic and allied technologies -- but I'm sure you knew that already.

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Tonight but who knows

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Who knows but the world may end tonight