The most refined love

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So begins this remarkable book of letters to Julie, a young bride — letters that reveal the beauty and importance of high ideals in marriage while teaching you practical tips to help you live up to those ideals daily. A carpet weaver thinks differently. He knows the marvels we can achieve by using small things artfully and lovingly. Like the carpet weaver, the good wife must be an artist of love.

A valid address is required to complete logging in with Twitter. We'll only ask for this the first time you use Twitter . My Cart Your cart is empty. Format Paperback eBook. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Media Coverage. Share This. Editorial Reviews Product Details Reviews. Such an awesome resource for young brides! As a bride-to-be myself, I read this book to prepare for marriage, and I plan on reading it over and over throughout my married life.

When two young people who are deeply in love decide to get married, even if they prepare for it as much as possible and think they have everything figured out, they will still make mistakes, and they will still have to figure out how to live with and love one another, even though neither is perfect. As the title suggests, the book gives guidelines for how to let your love for your husband, and those little or sometimes big trials in marriage, make you into a better person, the person that God made you to be.

Was this review helpful to you? Not Helpful. Alice von Hildebrand is an incredibly wise woman, and an excellent philosopher in the tradition of her late husband Dietrich. But even if philosophy is not your strong point, don't worry. This book is surprisingly easy to read, and very down-to-earth and practical. If you are a married or engaged woman, and want to pursue holiness within your vocation, do yourself a favor and read "By Love Refined.

I read it several years ago and I always buy a copy for new brides. Such a great read, especially for newly weds or those preparing for marriage. I received this book originally from a friend as a gift and now I have been gifting it to friends. It is from a Christian perspective and written in the format of letters between confidants about the joys and challenges of marriage. I loved it. Write a review. Load More.

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The most refined love

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By Love Refined