GIVEAWAY: The Results!

The results for the Giveaway of 15 Steam games are in! And what a giveaway it was; 11 Likes and Shares on Facebook, and 35 Retweets/37 Likes on Twitter. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for joining in on this giveaway. I never expected it to become this big and yet here… Continue reading GIVEAWAY: The Results!


GIVEAWAY! 15 Steam Games worth €200+!

I truly am in a festive mood aren’t I huh. It’s true, I love Christmas quite a lot. Wish I didn’t have an exam to worry about but aside from that, it’s probably my favourite time of the year. A few days ago I made an article about buying a Mystery Winter Bundle from Fanatical… Continue reading GIVEAWAY! 15 Steam Games worth €200+!