Steam, Switch

Woodle Tree Adventures

Genre: Platformer, Indie
Release Date: 2014
Developer(s): Fabio Ferrara
Publisher: Chubby Pixel
Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch

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Nep’s Upcoming Games: February 2019

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Lovestory: The Playstation Portable

Who said Love/Hatestories would only be about games or franchises? As some of you might know, my fulltime job has now started. I have to travel about three hours a day, with two hours being just with the subway. I’m not really a person to sit still so I use the time in the subway… Continue reading Lovestory: The Playstation Portable


Top 5 Hollow Knight Boss Battles

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Top 10 Fate Female Servants (2018)

Welcome to the final article of Fate/Grand Order week 2018, where we take a look at my Top 10 Favourite Fate Female Servants. The same rules apply here; no servants that are not yet playable in the American release of the game, and the priority lies with design and lore. Gameplay is taken into account… Continue reading Top 10 Fate Female Servants (2018)


Top 10 Fate Male Servants (2018)

Welcome to the first of two Fate/Grand Order related countdowns! For this first part, I wanted to take a look at my favourite Male Servants in the game. Fate has a lot of servants, with Grand Order alone already having over 230 in Japan! Suffice to say I had a lot of great characters to… Continue reading Top 10 Fate Male Servants (2018)