Banner Pursuit Force
Ps Vita, PSP

Pursuit Force

Genre: Action, Racing
Release Date: 2005
Developer(s): Bigbig studios
Publisher: Sony Entertainment
Platforms: PSP, Ps Vita (digitally)


Top 5 Games that don’t exist.. yet!

You know those ''Under the shower'' thoughts where you come up with brilliant ideas and ask yourself ''why doesn't this exist yet''? Well, that's an easy way to introduce today's topic. I have these thoughts a lot when I play a game and then realize it would fit perfectly with another franchise or genre and… Continue reading Top 5 Games that don’t exist.. yet!

Upcoming Games

Nep’s Upcoming Games: March 2019

Welcome back to Nep's Upcoming Games, a monthly series of articles where I help you decide what games to check out in the upcoming month! Last month we had Wargroove, Etrian Odyssey Nexus and Death End Re;Quest which all met fortunate and good reviews from critics and praise from fans. Crackdown 3 and especially Anthem.. not… Continue reading Nep’s Upcoming Games: March 2019