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If you have media inquiries, please contact the Office of Health Communications at adh. Little Rock, Ark. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and reduce the spread of COVID in our communities. These vaccines are safe and effective. For those who are not fully vaccinated, wearing a mask and physically distancing is recommended.

To find a vaccine clinic near you, call or visit the ADH website. Fireworks-related injuries are common on the Fourth of July. Improper use of fireworks can lead to death and injury, including burns, cuts, and foreign objects in the eye. To prevent injury, keep these safety tips in mind:. The chances of a foodborne illness increase in summer due to various factors, including warmer temperatures. When handling food during the holiday, stay healthy and safe by using these tips:.

A full cooler will maintain its cold temperature longer than a partially filled one. About 10 people die from unintentional drowning every day in the United States. One of every five deaths are children aged 14 or younger. Keep these tips in mind, so you and your loved ones can swim safely:. These toys are not life jackets and are not deed to keep swimmers safe. The body normally cools itself by sweating. However, under certain conditions sweating is not enough.

People who have higher risks for heat-related illness or death include children under the age of four, seniors age 65 or older, anyone overweight, and those who are ill or on certain medications. Heat-related illnesses are preventable. Simple tips to prevent them are:. If your home does not have air conditioning, consider public places like a library, senior center, or mall.

For more information regarding injury prevention, visit healthy. Anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, Heartland virus, and other diseases may also be carried by ticks. Mosquitoes in Arkansas can carry West Nile Virus and other less common diseases. Arkansans traveling within or outside of the country should educate themselves on the specific concerns ticks or mosquitoes may pose on their trip. Some of these diseases can be fatal; some of them can also be difficult to diagnose and treat.

If you or your child does get a tick bite, be on the lookout for symptoms such as fever, chills, rash, fatigue, and aches and pains within the next few weeks following the bite. If you do experience these symptoms, it is important to see a medical provider quickly. Make sure to discuss the tick bite, where you acquired the tick and symptoms with your doctor.

Whether in their own backyard or on a trip, Arkansans should protect themselves from these diseases by preventing tick and mosquito bites. Tick and mosquito bites can be prevented in similar ways:. It is important to remove ticks correctly if found. Remove ticks by positioning tweezers as close to your skin as possible and lifting up on the tick firmly.

Do not twist or jerk the tick or use home remedies such as petroleum jelly, heat, or waiting for the tick to fall off. These methods can increase the chance that a tick may transmit disease. Just because a tick or mosquito bites you does not mean it carries a disease or that you will get a disease; many Arkansans are bitten by ticks every year and remain healthy.

The ADH wants our citizens to be tick aware so that if you are bitten, and do show s of illness, you may receive appropriate treatment early on to prevent more severe outcomes. You can learn more about insect-related diseases at www. The clinics this weekend will be:. The Moderna vaccine is given in two doses, one month apart.

People will be scheduled for an appointment to return for the second dose when they receive the first dose. Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment may call the health unit closest to them or the statewide vaccine call line at After-hours appointments may be available on Tuesdays.

Health units are in every county in the state. There is no out-of-pocket expense for the vaccine. People should bring their insurance cards to the health unit. If they do not have insurance, the vaccine will still be available at no charge. The COVID vaccines have undergone rigorous reviews that have proven them to be both safe and effective. If a person does get COVID, it will help prevent them from getting a severe case that could lead to hospitalization or even death. You can learn more about the vaccine and the ADH vaccination plan at healthy. For more information, including health unit locations, phone s, and services, visit healthy.

The vaccine is given in two doses, one month apart. People will be scheduled an appointment to return for the second dose when they receive the first dose. NPHW is observed during the first full week of April each year. It is held to show how public health helps Arkansans improve their own health, protects them from epidemics, and provides preventive health services in their communities.

The ADH encourages people to learn more about public health services in Arkansas such as the weekly community COVID vaccination clinics that are held in select local health units and community locations across the state. COVID vaccines are safe and effective. There is no out-of-pocket expense for the vaccine, although people should bring their insurance cards to their vaccination site. Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the germ that causes tuberculosis TB. The annual event raises awareness of TB, how it can be prevented and what is needed to get rid of the disease.

TB is caused by germs that can attack any part of the body, although it usually attacks the lungs. Not everyone infected becomes sick. With TB disease, a person can pass the TB germ to others they spend a lot of time with through the air when they cough, sneeze, speak or sing. People with TB infection do not feel sick, do not have symptoms, and cannot spread it to others. But, they can be treated to reduce the risk of the TB germs becoming active. Symptoms include chills, fever or sweating at night, a bad cough that lasts three weeks or longer, coughing up blood or mucus, weakness or fatigue, weight loss, no appetite, and pain in the chest.

If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal TB is treatable, and people who have TB need to finish the medicine and take the drugs exactly as prescribed. There are up to 13 million people estimated to be living with latent TB infection in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Too many people still suffer from TB disease.

To get rid of TB, people with TB disease need to be tested and treated to prevent its spread. Even people with latent TB infection need to be treated to prevent it from becoming an active disease. People should visit their local health unit or their primary care doctor if they experience symptoms of TB or have been in contact with someone else who has TB.

To learn more about TB, visit www. Riders may simply show their operators their appointment confirmation an or printed appointment paperwork is sufficient , and they will ride free on the day of their appointments. This list is not exhaustive; visit healthy. Each week, vaccine clinics will happen in each of the five public health regions. At first, vaccines will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and no reservations will be accepted. In future weeks, a toll-free will be available to call and make reservations. Doses will be available to those who are currently eligible to receive a vaccine in Arkansas.

These include Arkansans who are 65 and older, those who work in education and those who work in food manufacturing. for complete details about Arkansans currently eligible for the vaccine. Details on the first five clinics are posted below. People should bring their insurance cards to the unit.

If they do not have insurance, the vaccine will be available at no charge. The vaccines offered at these clinics will require a second dose administered several weeks later. Information will be available at each event about when to return for the second dose. The three authorized COVID vaccines have each undergone rigorous reviews that have proven them to be both safe and effective. You can learn more about the vaccines and ADH vaccination plan at healthy. The advisory was associated with discharge coming from the West Fork wastewater treatment plant that resulted in elevated concentrations of E.

The treatment plant has ceased operations. The advisory had been in effect for a roughly 3. Little Rock - The Arkansas Department of Health, Radiation Control Section, Radioactive Materials Program, received notification today that a gauge containing radioactive material has been stolen from a private residential driveway in West Memphis, Arkansas.

The gauge contains shielding and is not dangerous if it remains intact. The gauge transport case is about the size and shape of a storage trunk and is made of hard yellow plastic material with handles on each side and on top photo attached. The gauge is also yellow with a rectangular base and a foot-long handle on top. Both are clearly labeled as radioactive materials. The gauge and transport case weighs approximately 85 to 95 pounds. The gauge contains approximately 8 millicuries Cesium and 40 millicuries Americium The gauge is used to take moisture and density measurements by projecting radiation from the two radioactive sources into the ground and then displaying the amount of radiation reflected back to the gauge.

Although the gauge poses a potential public health risk, it does not contain enough radioactive material to be used for any explosive device. The public should maintain a safe distance from the gauge if found and report it immediately. The advisory includes the section of the river beginning near coordinates N The city has scheduled repair work for its wastewater treatment system beginning this week and continuing through the end of March , which will result in a planned discharge of minimally treated wastewater into the river.

The Arkansas Department of Health ADH recommends that people and pets, including dogs, avoid contact with river water until further notice. Contact with river water would include activities such as swimming, wading, fishing, and eating fish or anything else taken from these waters. The states of Arkansas and Mississippi are working together to continue to monitor the effects of the wastewater discharge and its effects on surrounding environments.

The Arkansas Department of Health through its Office of Health Equity and its Be Well Arkansas program created the contest to challenge students across the state to produce compelling videos that would promote ways to stop the spread of COVID in higher education settings. The March of Dimes recognizes the challenges military mothers face and through the Mission: Healthy Baby program, they strive to help military families through pregnancy and birth.

The program features free health information and support services for pregnant women and new mothers in the military. The baby shower is deed specifically for military families who may be stationed away from family and friends, or who may be actively deployed while their partner is expecting at home. Those in attendance will receive free pregnancy and newborn health information and support services to help minimize anxieties and provide valuable resources to complement their journey toward a healthy pregnancy.

More information about the program is available at missionhealthybaby. Space is limited, however expectant military mothers or families who wish to participate can call Michelle R.

Southeast Little Rock Arkansas adult chat

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