South texas amateur radio club

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The Houston Local Traffic net is celebrating its first anniversary. The beginnings of the net started with radiogram training to a few hams on a local repeater in preparation for Field Day In that year, most clubs were forced to cancel their traditional field operations due to social distancing restrictions as a result of the Covid Pandemic. This made it impossible for Technician Class hams or hams without their own stations to participate in Field Day.

However, a closer look at the Field Day rules revealed that any class station participating in Field Day is eligible to earn bonus points for traffic handling. Furthermore, the repeater restriction for QSO credit does not apply to traffic handling. Thus, any ham could pass radiogram traffic on a repeater during Field Day and earn up to bonus points. The training was a success and several hams who did not have their own stations were still able to participate in Field Day and earn the traffic handling bonus points.

After Field Day was over, there was a continued interest among local hams in learning more about traffic handling and it was decided to hold a weekly training net. The traffic net was born. In its first year, the net has shown good growth in both s of check-ins and volume of traffic. There were over total check-ins from more than different stations and over radiogram messages passed. After 41 years, Ham-Com has decided to close its doors in lieu of the restrictions in place for COVID and the rising costs of putting on a show.

The decision was not made lightly, but the safety and wellness of our volunteers, vendors, clubs, presenters, and attendees is our paramount concern. Stuart Wolfe. Over the course of the next year, I passed the General and Extra. I always enjoyed playing with them but did not have any real idea what they were, other than their names. My grandfather had passed before my arrival and I later learned that he was a EE and often worked on radios and televisions, though no one can verify if he was ever a HAM.

Does your club have a club call ? If your club doesn't have a call they will get the club's initials and 3 s. : Club arrl. ORG based in Bossier City, LA; an education non-profit funded by a federal grant that trains teachers in cybersecurity, computer science, and related topics. Even if you're not in my ARRL Section and you're looking for ways to get amateur radio into a classroom, I'm always happy to help! Amateur Radio is magic. Behind the magic is physics.

Your Technical Specialists are here to help you with the physics. Technical Specialists have a depth of knowledge that can save you time and energy and get you back to enjoying our hobby. They are here to help you. I became interested in amateur radio during a drive back from Ardmore OK in I have been hooked since. I was several months of listening to conversations and police frequencies before deciding it was time to take the test. The test was administered by Mr.

My friends told me to a club. I ed and met Mr. He pointed me to Mr. Somewhere along the way Hal dropped a W from his call. Toggle . Repeater ICS Club arrl. You are here: Home. Search Search

South texas amateur radio club

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