Single male in kingman

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. I found quite a few other thre but they are either outdated or dont answer my question. I have a decent job offer in Kingman My question is this What is social life like in Kingman for a 29 year old single male?

Im sure there is not much of a nightlife but is theres somewhat of one? How about dating? Can I expect to meet any decent single women in this small town? I believe that a large portion of the population on average is older so that is 1 reason I am asking. What I am afraid of is ending up in a town with lack of dating options. Anyway, can anybody tell me what its like for single 20 somethings to earlier 30 somethings? Even if you have little experience you are welcome to share your opinion.

To add I have been learning spanish and am at a conversational level. Is there a decent opportunity to keep practicing my spanish there? I see there is a decent sized hispanic population but how often is spanish spoken? How do the different races mix? Do they mesh pretty well or not? Read the Kingman Daily Miner online to get the flavor of the town, which is and always has been pretty much of a redneck haven. Skimming the mug shots is one of my hobbies, because Kingman arrestees seem to be in a class of their own and not a class you'd want to be a member of.

But bear in mind that the Colorado River and Laughlin are less than an hour away and Las Vegas is less than miles. Kingman has some nice areas and I actually like it, but I if I were a year-old single male I'd arrive with low expectations for a social life or practicing my Spanish in Kingman itself. Packard fan. There ain't that many "Hispanics" in the Kingman area and, most of them are def "American" 1st and don't speak much or any Spanish. Originally Posted by azdr Originally Posted by jdub Cyber Surfer. I honestly don't post much here anymore, but I'm close to your age and I'm amazed there is even a job here that pays more than 50k a year unless you're in the medical field or an administrator somewhere, perhaps I've been living under a very big rock.

I've lived in Kingman since , as I've watch this town not grow so much, but I think it's actually starting to get better little by little. Please don't take this as negative, but I've seen my fair share of good and bad with this town. Social life in Kingman? I'm sorry man, unless you like the bar scene and smoke a lot, Kingman doesn't offer much maybe golfing and recreation at the wellness center if that's more of your thing, but you may be looking for something more.

Sure Kingman has a rich history about route 66 and downtown if you want to visit the museum and park with the old train in it, but it's not always the most active place from what I've seen. This is a retiree-redneck town. Laughlin is ideal for someone your age if you don't mind driving an hour to the casinos for a healthier nightlife, though as far as I know Riverside is the only place that has places to go besides the casino floor.

I don't know what you're really into, you might fit in but keep in mind most guys your age are married or divorced by now, haha. Not saying you being single is a bad thing, but here people marry and start families VERY young around here. Chances are you will meet someone on a date who has kids already, or is taking "time off" on their marriage Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U.

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Single male in kingman

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