Shelby IN cheating wives

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It's been a little over a year since Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer , and we probably don't need to tell you that he hasn't been the greatest husband in the world during that time. Ryan has been arrested ; he's had restraining orders issued against him; he's fallen off the wagon; he's been verbally abusive to his pregnant wife.

Edwards has a lengthy history of infidelity, but even the professional baby daddy's most ardent critics thought he'd stop screwing around after Mackenzie stuck by his side during the year from hell. Toggle . And of course, Ryan has been caught cheating on Mackenzie multiple times. Sadly, it seems we all overestimated Ryan Shelby and Ryan.

Now, it looks as though Edwards never quite got over his former flame. Not to Be Trusted. Ryan married Mackenzie just over a year ago. But in that short time, he's been accused of infidelity on numerous occasions. Tinder Trouble. First, Ryan was caught communicating with other women on Tinder, using an that falsely stated his age as He's actually Let 'Em Know. Shortly thereafter, Shelby took to Twitter to let the world know that Ryan was still hitting her up on a regular basis.

Hey, Sis. Not One For Taking Hints. Come Get Your Man! Does Mackenzie Know? Mackenzie recently quit social media, so it's possible she doesn't even know about the allegations. The Talk of Twitter. Called Out. Some fans believe Shelby is enjoying the attention. Cut Him Loose! But most who have replied to the tweet have offered sympathy to Mackenzie and encouraged her to kick Ryan to the curb. Tuning It All Out. For her part, Mackenzie has kept mum. Sources say she's wisely decided to focus on herself and the health of her unborn baby.

The Denial Runs Deep. Easier Said Than Done. Unfortunately for Mackenzie, news of Ryan's downward spiral is pretty much everywhere these days. A Frightening Revelation. In addition to the drug use and infidelity, Edwards has been accused of demonstrating violent tendencies.

Legal Action. Ryan's ex Maci Bookout even filed for a restraining order, telling a judge that Edwards threatened to murder her husband. Laying Low. Maci received her order of protection, and Ryan has been keeping a low profile ever since. But the big question on the minds of fans remains unanswered Or will she cut him loose after the baby is born? We probably don't need to tell you which option we're rooting for,. There's more! Just click "Next" below: Next. Edit Delete. Share on Facebook. Facebook Disqus. Ryan Edwards. Ryan Edwards Photos. Ryan Edwards Videos.

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Shelby IN cheating wives

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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater? Serial Infidelity Across Subsequent Relationships