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At about 20 tables, men play cards and smoke, tossing cigarette butts onto the wood floor seconds before lighting up again. High-pitched pop music pulsates as waitresses dressed in sexy lingerie — and sometimes less — deliver the brew the customers crave: Vietnamese coffee, strong and sweet, in a small glass topped with whipped cream. The cafe is one of about 20 in this Orange County city, which includes part of Little Saigon, one of the largest Vietnamese American enclaves in the U.

It also is among those raided in March by more than federal and local law enforcement officials, exposing an underbelly of what police say includes nudity, gambling and prostitution. In the raid, police seized arcade machines that they say can be turned into a keno or blackjack machine with the push of a button. The investigation is ongoing. In response, the Garden Grove City Council recently approved new restrictions, targeting even the tinted windows, that go into effect next month. Many in Little Saigon, which includes neighboring Westminster, are hesitant to speak out against the cafes.

None of the waitresses would agree to be interviewed. There are atures that many of the cafes share: No alcohol is served, big-screen televisions line the walls, California lottery tickets are for sale, and the coffee is served by Asian women often wearing high heels and nothing more than string bikinis or see-through lingerie.

In some cafes, that uniform has dwindled to pasties and a thong. Lan Duong, an assistant professor of culture and media studies at UC Riverside, has studied the tradition behind the cafes. Chanh Do, a year-old engineer from Orange, agrees. Almost each day for more than two decades, he has taken a seat at the far end of the counter to read the newspaper, drink coffee black, with sugar and smoke Marlboro Lights.

Everyone there knows his name and knows not to sit in his seat. Waitresses — in sweaters and jeans — know his order. But this contrasts sharply with some of the other cafes. On a recent evening, two Garden Grove police officers parked behind a strip mall and walked behind a restaurant and a karate school, hoping to enter California Cafe through the back door. It was locked, forcing them to go in through the front — where tinted windows allow patrons and managers to see them coming. In some cafes, police said, women rush to the front desk to tie bikini tops around exposed breasts. On this night, fresh smoke lingers above stubbed-out cigarettes as the waitresses stare at the officers.

Several female employees are wearing thongs, and one is clad in a transparent lacy green bra. It is not the first brush with the law for Vietnamese coffeehouses. In the s, they became a home base for gangs. Shootings, homicides and fights were common. Extortion was prevalent, leading to ordinances in both Garden Grove and Westminster to restrict cafe hours. Westminster enacted an ordinance requiring a conditional-use permit for the cafes.

In order to be approved, the permits require a public hearing. But with the decrease in violence came an increase in illegal gambling and prostitution as gang members aged and became more sophisticated, according to Dare. Vu, the owner of Mai Tay Hien, said his cafe survives because of California lottery sales and, of course, the quality of the coffee, which he says is a blend passed down by his father.

The new restrictions are long overdue, he said. She ed The Times in and ly covered Orange County and national news such as the Gabrielle Giffords shooting and the Louisiana oil spill. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

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Sexy Garden grove girls

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Orange County authorities cracking down on Vietnamese cafes