Sex latex Malta

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From this site Maltese can buy discreetly from your home items like sex toys including vibrators, anal plugs, clit stimulators, anal be, latex condoms, from brands like Durex and Lavetra. There are fruit flavoured condoms , condoms with added benzocaine that can delay ejaculation.

For those who like to be more adventurous there is the bound to please, whips, tie ups , hand cuffs, love rings and cock rings, gags and nipple clips. Lubricants and oils are supplied by Wet. The Original is a gel formula while the Light is a liquid lubricant and the Platinium is a premium silicone lubricant and body glide plus there a fun flovour lubricants.

Aromatherapy massage oils are also supplied from Wet and Swede. These aromatherapy oils are ideal to be used in the bath or for a massage. Various Vibrators are available including the G Spot massagers, Peal shine, Rabbbit Pearl of Sex and the City, vibrating balls, strap ons , anal plugs, love be, stud rings, triple anal starter, clit stimulators, harness, the new Waver Rabbbit and vibrator kits. Then the lingerie and rubber and pvc wear. There is a wide range of sexy clothing. There is also a section with tips on how to use condoms and how to take care of the latex wear.

Other lingerie and sexy clothing is also available. Deliveries for Malta are free from this online sexy shop. Prices are in Euros and in Malta Liri. There is a low shipping charge for deliveries to Europe and International orders. This site is for Open Minded Adults only,. Free Delivery in Malta for orders over Eur

Sex latex Malta

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