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Stikeleather Steps Down as Currituck Manager. Cooper announces support of new CDC mask guidelines. DCS parents and staff back parental choice on masks. Coast Guard medevacs man taken ill on boat. By Submitted Story on March 7, Almost two years after a horrific beating that left his girlfriend virtually unrecognizable, a Kill Devil Hills man has pleaded guilty to a charge of first-degree sexual offense.

Christopher McCormack, 30, entered the plea Feb. He was sentenced to a minimum of about 26 years and a maximum of 32 years in prison, according to Sgt. On Thursday, police provided a detailed written of the case in hopes that it will help battered spouses and partners seek help. The victim, Alexis, been beaten so badly that the first officers on the scene, who knew her from encounters, did not recognize her.

Throughout their two-year relationship, McCormack had been extremely jealous and controlling. Around 1 a. When she got in the car, McCormack let fly with accusations of infidelity and worthlessness. Then he let fly with his fists. Alexis curled away from McCormack, trying to protect herself as he continued to punch her while he drove down U. He stopped near the entrance of Nags Head Woods, yanked her out of the car, then forced her into the trunk.

Evidence of the beating on June 2, When the car stopped next, Alexis was snatched out of the trunk. She tried to escape, but McCormack dragged her to a gated cemetery and threw her down on a tombstone. McCormack launched another brutal assault on Alexis, repeatedly punching, kicking and stomping her. But the next time he took her out they were still in Nags Head Woods near a paved cul-de-sac. McCormack d the beating, then violently sexually assaulted her.

Afterwards he put her in the back seat of the car and told her to keep her head down so nobody would see her. She did not remember, though the evidence would later show, that McCormack drove to a nearby carwash to clean the blood off the exterior the car before driving back to the Sea Breeze Condos.

Patrol officers had to force their way into the apartment to arrest McCormack. He refused to speak to the police about what happened, so the case against him would have to be built through victim and witness testimony as well as forensic evidence. Kevin Davey. Davey is known for his deliberate, conscientious, and detail-oriented approach to case work. It would be over a year and a half before the McCormack case went to court.

And during that time, District Attorney Frank Parrish died suddenly. The original prosecuting attorney for the case had left and a new assistant D. McCormack initially refused the plea arrangement offered by the state and was intent on going to trial. Then on the day his trial was set to begin, he pleaded to the most serious offense of 1st degree sexual offense and the other charges such as kidnapping and assault inflicting serious bodily injury were dropped.

In addition to serving time, McCormack will have to register as a sex offender upon his release and will be subject to satellite-based monitoring for the rest of his life. They kept in constant touch with the PD and communicated all their needs in a timely manner so we could follow up. Many of the witnesses moved away from the area and they tracked them all down and financed their return. Alexis suffered broken bones, scarring cuts to her face, painful swelling and partial blindness in one eye.

Nightmares about the incident continue to plague her. The Outer Banks Hotline is one of our best local resources for men and women who experience domestic violence. Friday, July 30, Dixie For the rip current risk: See today's surf forecast ยป. You can hear Voice newscasts daily at , and a. Today's top stories. DCS parents and staff back parental ch Cooper announces support of new CDC ma Coast Guard medevacs man taken ill on Go to comments.

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Sex girl Kill Devil Hills

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