Sex Duisburg women

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Szczuka, J. Alexa, kannst Du mich verstehen? Empirische Langzeituntersuchung zur Interaktion zwischen Sprachassistenten und Kindern [Alexa, do you understand me? Long-term empirical study of the interaction between language assistants and children]. Otto-von-Guericke University. Frontiers in Psychology, 10 , Article Negative and positive influences on the sensations evoked by artificial sex partners: A review of relevant theories, recent findings, and introduction of the sexual interaction illusion model.

Fischer Eds. KI-basierte Sprachassistenten im Alltag: Forschungsbedarf aus informatischer, psychologischer, ethischer und rechtlicher Sicht [AI-based language assistants in everyday life: Research needs from an informatic, psychological, ethical and legal perspective]. Social reactions towards speech interfaces and the influence of mental models. Hey A. Theoretical implications on sexual interactions with interactive assistants. Robotic love rival? A quantitative study on the jealousy of women evoked by other women and robots.

Proceedings of the Technology, Mind, and Society , Article Jealousy 4. An empirical study on jealousy-related discomfort of women evoked by other women and gynoid robots. Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 9 , — Horstmann, A. Eye Tracking Studie zu Betrachtungsmustern bei Frauen und sexualisierten Robotern [Eye tracking study on gaze patterns of women and sexualized robots]. Please don't switch me off! Switching off a robot: The influence of social interaction and objection on behaviors towards robots [Paper presentation].

Not only the lonely—How men explicitly and implicitly evaluate the attractiveness of sex robots in comparison to the attractiveness of women, and personal characteristics influencing this evaluation [Special issue: Love and Sex with Robots]. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 1 1 , Article 3. Influences on the Intention to Buy a Sex Robot. Springer, Cham. Reach me on my wrist: Positive and negative effects of the usage of smartwatches as a communication tool [Poster presentation]. Kyewski, E. The protagonist, my Facebook friend: How cross-media extensions are changing the concept of parasocial interaction.

Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 7 1 , 2— Soziale Vergleichprozesse [Social comparison theory]. Schwan, D. Me, myselfie and I - Motivational factors and the influence of sociodemographic and personality variables [Paper presentation]. Biles, M. Round, square, or spiky: Deconstructing the emotional de of video game [Poster presentation].

The protagonist, my Facebook friend [Paper presentation]. The protagonist, my Facebook friend: How crossmedial extensions change the concept of parasocial interaction [Paper presentation]. Do I need to belong? Development of a scale for measuring the need to belong and its predictive value for media usage [Paper presentation]. Meaningful tears: Eine Onlinestudie zum Einfluss von Film- und Rezipientencharakeristika auf die Bewertung trauriger und bereichernder Filme [Meaningful tears: An online survey about the influence of recipient characteristics on the evaluation of sad and meaningful movies] [Paper presentation].

Klatt, J. Drittmittelprojekte Forschungsbereiche. Jessica Szczuka Sozialpsychologie Team Dr. Jessica Szczuka. Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Dr. Jessica Szczuka, M. Curriculum Vitae. Publikationen Szczuka, J. Deutschlandfunk Nova. Sexroboter: Wie praktisch! The Register. Sex robot sent for repairs after being molested at tech fair. Sex doll brothels expand the market for synthetic partners. The Guardian. The Cable Lifestyle. Who wants to buy a sex robot? Good news! Nearly half of men would have sex with robots.

Toronto Sun. Sex in the time of tech. Mumbai Mirror. The sexbots are coming. Times Higher Education. Liebe ohne Leben. Was machen Roboter aus unserem Sex? Welt am Sonntag. Sex robot 'affairs': Women face fight for men in bedroom as blokes hook up with cyborgs.

Daily Star. Think no one would go to a real-life westworld?

Sex Duisburg women

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