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If you enjoyed something in the MataBlog, thank you very much! If there was something you found particularly troubling, please be advised that a maybe you should read it again and b the contents of this blog do not necessarily represent the opinions of Matador Records, Beggars Group, the combined staff of either company, nor the Matador artist roster. Opinions are like friends — hardly anyone has one worth listening to. Archives About. She made a piece for each song, all of which can be viewed on the band's Instagram right now.

If you're inspired or looking to get your hands on some tickets to see Spoon live OR get an original piece of art, you're in luck. Both are within reach. Make your own Hot Thoughts gallery in Instagram with SpoonHotThoughts and you'll have a chance to win one or both of those prizes. So many once in a lifetime opportunities here people Kurt Vile Art Contest October 9th, at pm by Rian For those who might have missed this little nugget of a contest, here is all the information you need in order to submit art for "b'lieve i'm goin down This is an opportunity for those artistically inclined to have their de featured on an official Kurt Vile tour t-shirt.

If you are anywhere in the world and want to enter, you can. There are no location restrictions. The band play at Rough Trade tonight and Bowery Ballroom tomorrow. Both shows are sold out so I hope you got tickets early. More tour dates can be found here. Highlights is officially out May 19th on True Panther Sounds. Kurt Vile - intimate London show next week March 1st, at am Next week Kurt Vile makes a quick trip to the UK to have some cameras shoved in his face and words recorded direct from his mouth about his new album , but to make a life a little more interesting Kurt's going to be playing a solo, free entry, competiton winners only show at London's Barfly on Thursday March 7th presented by The Fly and Field Day.

To win you'll need to head over to The Fly's website and try your luck to enter, with entries closing on March 5th. Second, to celebrate the aforementioned release, Stephen and the Jicks will be playing a free, all-ages instore this evening at Hollywood's seminal rock outlet Amoeba Music at 6pm PST. The entire performance will be streamed on Amoeba's website so even if you're not in LA, you can still check it out and find out who won the best fucking contest of all-time the contest to help Steve find an alternate word for "blowjob" so that the radio will play his single Senator.

Funny I should mention THIS CONTEST now because contrary to our having told you guys we were going to announce the winner in a few weeks, we're just so damn excited that Stephen will be announcing the winner during this evening's performance of Senator on Amoeba webcast, so be sure to tune in and find out if you've won. And while we've only got a few hours until showtime, we've still yet to determine that perfect "blowjob" substitute. So get your last minute entries in right now.

Seriously, we're shutting it down boss in a few hours. In addition to two other instores later this week, the band will be hitting the road for a very awesome and very extensive tour in a few weeks' time. Those dates below. Fucked Up postcard competition winners August 12th, at am You might remember a few weeks ago we decided we wanted more fan-mail to offer up Fucked Up goodies in exchange for a bit of participation with UK fans who went to buy David Comes To Life in any independent record store.

All they had to do was find one of the 5 character postcards, create something associated to the story of the album and send it to our London office. After some careful deliberation sleepless nights and a game of paper-rock-scissors , we whittled it down to a winner and a runner up. And the winners is Taking the runner up spot is Graham from Brighton, for the following postcard: Well done to both, we'll be in touch to arrange your prizes - and for the rest of you?

Better luck next time though we'll still appreciate any other cool post. The winning store was Piccadilly Records in Manchester. Fucked Up's European tour starts tomorrow. As you're probably aware, the chorus features the line "I know what the senator wants - what the senator wants is a blowjob.

PLUS, you'll win a one-of-a-kind 7" single featuring your version of "Senator" on one side, and the original version on the flip - the rarest Matador release ever. All standard contest rules and restrictions apply. And for inspiration Meet Interpol thanks to Superglued February 1st, at pm Interpol kicked off their Winter tour dates this past Thursday and to celebrate Matador and Superglued teamed up to host a competition for fans to meet the band! To enter, you must register yourself as "Attending" a show via the band's Superglued - winners are being randomly selected and contacted on the day of the concert.

Kevin Carpio met the band last night in San Francisco, along with six other lucky contest winners! See his wrap up of the show here As well as a chance to meet Paul, Daniel and Sam, there is merchandise ed by the band, and a series of Shepard Fairey prints up for grabs these were originally only available at Interpol spaces set up for the release of 'Antics' and are no longer available for purchase. Win tickets to see Esben and the Witch, read a track-by-track analysis of the album with the band January 27th, at pm Today you have the chance to learn all about Esben and the Witch's upcoming debut album that we've been telling you about for a little while now.

Hopefully you've heard the record via one of the streams we linked the other day or have maybe even caught a glimpse of them in one of their sinister music videos , but you might still be left wondering "When did you learn about Argyria? You're also in luck if you'd like to see them play one of their upcoming UK shows, at the Quietus are giving away a pair of tickets, just for answering the question "Which song features the lyrics 'Violet Cries'?

Easy right? Well get over to the Quietus and grab yourself a pair of tickets! Long list of upcoming shows below Who is Stuart Murdoch? January 26th, at am Now that we know exactly what John Ficenec is all about , we can turn our attention to the other half of the Write About Love contest equation; Mr. Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian.

While this is hardly the most comprehensive or definitive profile of Stuart, it is a quick look at the man behind the impending Belle and Sebastian song about Mr. What is your name? Have you ever been to Omaha? What do you plan on doing with John when you get there? Buy Write About Love. Who is John Ficenec? January 21st, at pm Earlier this week we answered the question that everyone had been asking; "Who is going to win the Belle and Sebastian ' Write About Love Contest? Even better. He gets to hang out with Stuart Murdoch for a day and then have a Belle and Sebastian song written about him to be released as a limited 7".

A little more about John: Hello, John. Where are you from? How old are you? What else do you listen to? What are your favorite new bands? Old bands? Why did you decide to enter the contest? What was it like when you found out you were in the Final 5? I had a free period at school and starting freaking out. We informed you on a Thursday that you were one of the 5 but didn't tell you that you'd won until the next Tuesday. What was the wait like? What was it like when you found out that you'd won?

I had gotten done with gym class and checked my phone and saw a missed call and voic and decided to call back and found out I won. I was very ecstatic. Do you have a record player? What do you plan on showing Stuart when he comes to Omaha? What's the one thing Stuart should know about you? John Ficenec, of Omaha Nebraska! We reprint his winning essay below. John will be getting a personal visit from Belle and Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch, and the band will then be writing a song about him, to be released this spring on Matador.

He will also receive the autographed album and Belle and Sebastian medal. Play the field while you are young. While you can show some public affection keep it to a minimal of holding hands or a cheek kiss. I always find myself disgusted walking by and seeing people swap tongue right in the middle of public. Yes, we get you are dating and whatnot, but really get a room. It may sound like a good idea at the time and even while you are going out with them but you know what when the relationship is over so is the amazing friendship.

It makes them feel like shit and you feel like a monster. Talk to your ificant other. And never EVER get into the friends zone with someone you are fond of. It will scratch away at your heart and soul knowing that you will get no further than friends but that your heart wants to be more than friends.

We have published all five essays below. Don't cheat or be a whore but see what all the fish are like so you'll know what you like and what you don't. Don't dwell on past loves; they are ex's for a reason. Don't go out with someone if you have to keep it a secret because when it ends since no one knows you were dating there will be no one there but your actually ex to comfort you and chances are pretty good that they won't.

Don't have sex without a condom. Don't date your best friend. Don't date people up to 2 years or older until you are Don't make someone your rebound. Laugh with them ask them questions but DON'T interrogate them. Don't become too jealous of anyone else. Rebecca Armendariz, Washington DC: Clark's cancer had spread to his hip and so two months before he died he couldn't really walk.

At least not without my help so I was his human crutch crushed on one side anytime he wanted his year-old body moved to another spot in our apartment. After a period of decline he traded me in for a desk chair on wheels and I pushed him around scooping him up from under his armpits when we reached the bathroom. I'd use a firm but tender grip to lower his eggshell body into the tub where he'd sit for hours to make the effort worth it.

He hardly left the house except for doctor's appointments. I'd finally convinced him to wear an adult diaper after too many laundry lo of soaked pants and bed sheets. The first night he slept in it I put one on too and we giggled under piles of blankets together sharing a secret before he nodded off. One spring day we let the air breeze through the front and out the back of the apartment. The buried idea of what he'd been missing was exhumed; he wanted to go outside.

We drove a few blocks to a friend's where we sat in lawn chairs in a sun-soaked driveway. A snapshot of any one particular moment from that afternoon would appear unremarkable to an outsider. We gossiped and laughed. I drank a beer. After a few hours we were home refreshed by our peek at normalcy. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to see that mischievous amorous look in his eye but after helping him to the couch it disappeared.

He wanted to do something for me for once. He wanted me to relax.

Sex Dating Matador

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