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Show All Answers. Outdoor smoke contains very small particles and gases, including carbon monoxide. These particles can get into your eyes and lungs where they can cause health problems. Main sources of outdoor smoke in Washington:. Inhaling smoke is not good for anyone, even healthy people. People most likely to have health problems from breathing smoke include:. Contact your health care provider if you have heart or lung problems when around smoke.

Dial for emergency assistance if symptoms are serious. If you cannot leave the smoky area or find other ways to reduce your exposure, certain types of face masks can provide some protection. Respirator masks labeled N95 or N filter out fine particles but not hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide. These masks can be found at many hardware and home repair stores and pharmacies.

Face masks will not work for everyone. Some room air cleaners can reduce indoor air pollution if they have the proper filter. The most effective air cleaners have a HEPA filter which removes the fine particulates from smoke. HEPA filters with charcoal will remove or reduce chemicals in the air, but not carbon monoxide. Air filtration units should be located in the room where you spend most of your time. For more information, see California's air cleaning devices for the home PDF. Check outdoor air quality to see the category for your area on the Washington Air Quality Advisory Map.

Avoid driving, when possible. If you must drive, keep the windows and vents closed. Most vehicles can re-circulate the inside air which will help keep particle levels lower. Setbacks are the minimum distance measured in feet from a building to the front, side and rear property lines or any other lot line to the nearest structure placed on the property, excluding eaves of less than 24 inches. All parcels in the county are zoned for specific uses. There are 2 ways to view the zoning for the parcel you are interested in:. Please refer to section Permits for any parcel can be found by visiting our Permit Database Search Tool.

The home needs to be sited outside any critical area buffers like streams and geohazardous areas like landslide-prone areas. You would also need to hook it up to a septic system and have potable water. Check with Environmental Health on septic and water requirements at If you have questions about the construction of the home, contact our Building Plans Examiner at Canvas yurts can be permitted as a temporary living structure, such as seasonal camping, but may not contain a heating element or plumbing and have size restrictions.

In order for a yurt to meet code and be allowed, it must be less than sq feet, unheated and unplumbed and only used for temporary use, such as camping. Yurts, built using a standard canvas exterior over a wooden frame, are not able to meet energy code for heat retention and do not meet the requirements for fire, life and safety and therefore are not permissible as a residence. With these guidelines, a yurt can be permitted along with the platform or decking it will be built upon.

Hard-sided yurts are permitted so long as they meet energy code. Pre-engineered kits are available from online resources. If you follow the checklist you should have everything that you will need. If you have potable water on the property already, you will not have to prove potable water again, however if there is a septic on the property and you are adding another bedroom, a septic review is required. For your floor plan we would like to have a before-and-after. Your building plans should only show the new work that is being done.

Lastly, if your property is located within shoreline or critical areas we recommend that you meet with one of our land use planners first to verify that you will not need some type of land use permit. You can walk in and meet with a Planner Monday-Thursday ; additionally, Planners are available for scheduled appointments Tuesday-Thursday Do I need a permit for a small picnic pavilion on my property? I plan to have no water and no power going to it; just a roof for a picnic table. Yes you would need a permit.

Your project will be considered a "Pole Building. If this project will be in the City of Port Townsend then you will need to contact them at If your project will be within the county you will need the following:. If there is a septic on the property you will need to get a septic review from Environmental Health.

If there is not a septic on the property then you will not need that review. Who do I talk to about preliminary questions as I begin to research the planning of a home or other structure to be built in Jefferson County? DCD offers a suite of options to answer questions and help plan development. Do I need a permit for a building a want to put on my property for my tractor? It will have no door, no windows, no heat, no water and no power going to it.

Yes, we require setbacks and any foundation rebar to be inspected prior to pouring concrete. Also, you must wait until the permit has been approved and issued before beginning any work. As long as there is no change to the type or pitch of the roof and the trusses are not being touched, re-roof permits are over-the-counter. Otherwise, you will want to speak with our Permit Tech about your project. For over-the-counter permits, submit your Re-Roof Permit and be prepared to pay the re-roof permit fee as listed on 2 of the permit.

Fireplace insert permits fall under the category of Mechanical Permits. Fireplace insert permits are issued over-the-counter. You only need to submit one form, the Mechanical Permit Application and a site map. If you are installing new lines you will need to include the fee for adding the lines. More clearly stated:. When you come in to submit the permit, bring with you a completed Mechanical Permit Application and site map and be prepared to pay the fees appropriate to your situation.

You only need to apply for a remodel permit if you are moving walls, changing or tapping into existing plumbing or need the modification to be noted for banking selling, purchasing, etc. Your permit may qualify for over-the-counter processing if no bedrooms are proposed to be added. Please review our Application Packets for more details on the remodel application requirements. The homeowner is responsible to submit all permits, but contractors often include it as a convenience for their clients.

Check with your contractor to see if they plan to submit for you or not. Yes, electrical, heating, ventilation, plumbing, and air-conditioning equipment and other service facilities need to be installed above the flood plain. Pursuant to UDC Locating such equipment below the base flood elevation may cause annual flood insurance premiums to be increased. For installing road name s, call Public Works' shop at If you have property off of a named road, you may optionally name it at any time. Please contact the Department of Community Development for a list of current road names in use.

If there are emergency locator already ased to ading parcel owners that will be serviced by the road, there will be no additional cost to have their address changed to the new road name. The documents required to build a garage are the same as a regular building permit, but we only need the items that apply to your project.

Here are the exact forms and documents required for a complete submittal of a Garage Permit Application:. For an estimate of permit fees send an to dcd co. Most permits have the fees listed on the back of the application. If your application does not list the fees, or if you need an estimate for new building application we can provide you with an estimate of those fees.

Please the project info listed below to dcd co. Fences are exempt from building permits if they are under 7 feet high and not on shoreline or in an area with critical areas. Fences cannot be built within the County right-of-way. If the property line is close to a road, Public Works would most likely require the clear zone be met as we do for utility structures poles, vaults, etc.

For example, on a 25 mph road, the setback would be 10 feet from the edge of pavement. Additionally, a fence cannot block site distance. A fence, no matter what the material, is still a fence over seven feet. For example, a barbed wire fence in a pasture that is 5' high and all barbed wire and posts is still a fence. The intent of the code though is concerned with the fence over 7' high becoming a sail or just falling over and causing more damage than a 5' high fence made of the same material. When reviewing a request for a new address, we check to see whether or not the location of the requested address is off of an unnamed road or not.

If an address application is received for a site on an unnamed road that is more than 1, feet from a named road or for a site on an unnamed road that has an existing addressed site that is more than 1, feet from a named road, or if an application is received for a fourth emergency locator on an unnamed road The road shall be named at the expense of the applicant. You can learn more about the road naming process at the following links:. You can choose to just discuss information, or you can start a method right away.

We start women on birth control right away. We also evaluate the need for recommended testing and exams and will discuss this with you. Usually not. Recommendations have recently changed, and if your last few pap smears were normal, your next pap smear will be due 3 years later.

We still recommend yearly annual exams, to check blood pressure, health needs and STD screening but pelvic exam may not be needed each year. Death certificates are generated by your funeral home or cremation service. Your funeral director or cremation service director will assist you in obtaining death certificates.

Death certificates may also be obtained from the Jefferson County Health Department. Only if you are next of kin, to the deceased. We require to see valid picture ID before releasing the report. If you are next of kin, and are unable to come in person, please call Preliminary information is usually available at the end of the procedure or by the next working day.

Final autopsy reports become ready after the of toxicology and any other special examinations have been received. Complex cases may sometimes take up to 3 months before a final report is complete. Send completed employment application form to the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners by pm of the listed announcement closing date. Applicants are always highly encouraged to submit a with their application.

There are still some instances where all people, even those who are vaccinated, may need to wear a mask. Visit this site to learn your county's status.

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