Sex Dating Dinosaur

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The first evidence of dinosaur dating was discovered by Martin Lockley, a University of Colorado Denver geology professor who stumbled across large scratch marks in Colorado rocks. Initially, the marks had Lockley and his international team stumped. Taking a cue from birds — relatives to the carnivorous dinos that lived in the area — Lockley said he and his crew started to think the scratches could be a ritual activity many male birds partake in: pseudo-nest-building. Dozens of scrapes would send the female dinosaurs swooning until mating took place and a real nest was built.

What a combo. Many researchers long believed dinosaurs were trying to attract one another, but there was no physical evidence of the prehistoric courtship until Lockley unearthed his two years of research. Because the marks were unable to be removed from the massive rock slabs without being damaged, 3-D images were created to document them. Because we have some of the known dinosaur fossils, the world has been coming to our doorsteps since Lockley looks forward to finding more scratches and ones that existed more than million years ago.

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Sex Dating Dinosaur

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