Seeking fellow bloggers

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If you get Favorites or Likes in return for your efforts, you are in a good place because you know this person is noticing you. Remember that it is who you know and not so much what you know that counts in the blogosphere. Apart from Facebook groups, I find bloggers on Pinterest. Even if you niche is super specific, wacky, or down right bizarre, I am certain you can someone with similar interests talking about similar things. You find one good blogger in you niche, there will be others in that space that are following him or her too. This one has worked like magic for me because I have a nice, thriving, inspired community of friends over at Blogging from Paradise.

Invest in yourself so that you can find other bloggers who have the same interests as you. Find an authority site in your niche. This is your chance to shine the light on their work. Online is no different than offline except we get to hide behind our computers. Most of the people who commented on her post were her blogging friends, which proves that she knows how to actually build genuine relationships online.

Comment, share and be helpful, if you think you can add value to them. Each stage gets more personal and takes more time to pass to the next stage. My top tip for building relationships with bloggers and influencers is to direct message them. Go to your favorite experts in your niche and read through the comments. At this stage things get even more personal. My 1 tip is to share their blog posts.

Leave valuable comments and try to get conversations started with the blogger. Take for example, Social Media Examiner. Read their bio and blog posts and when commenting on one of their articles make it count. How to find bloggers in your niche? Give traffic, comments, and social shares by promoting other bloggers. After a while go above the norm and try to do something that really gets you noticed like creating a custom graphic with a quote from the blogger. Write a blog post with genuinely good content about them. Bloggers, you are not alone!

Find out what other blogs this authority sites links to. Be open to responding to them if they have a question or elaborate more in your comment replies to them. Triberr is a huge resource for me; there are some amazing people in this community and a lot in my niche. If I like their photos, I usually love their blog posts. I like to use NinjaOutreacha blogger outreach tool that also has a Chrome Extension.

I write for creative, holistic women who want to savour life while simplifying it. After you begin to build that bond, it will make more sense on which methods to use and how often to use them. The convo can be deep or light but either way, it is between you and the blogger only. That said, show bloggers love. Now take a look at their website and social s and go from there. Last month, my lovely friend Sue did a guest post here about crafting a blog comment that will generate you more traffic and get you noticed — so many people loved it!

As a blogger it is so easy to get stuck in a funk, put yourself in a corner and pretend we are the only one doing what we are doing. Pay attention to the conversations they are having online and find ways to in on the conversation in a natural way. After doing that, you are finally able to them to ask a question for a roundup post or to pitch them for a guest blog post.

This way you can start to show up on their radar. Where do I find them?! The comment section is one of the most underutilized resources we can tap into. Each area is a goldmine for IDing some super influential, helpful bloggers from my niche. Simple but effective Seeking fellow bloggers getting you noticed! They have a great deal of guest bloggers that you can start to follow and try to get in front of. Do your due diligence. This is a tough one! Start reaching out through their. Stage 2: This is where commenting on blogs becomes more valuable because for the most part bloggers respond to comments they receive.

You will notice that bloggers run in packs for sure. Getting in touch directly and letting them know you appreciate their work is crucial for getting on their radar and developing trust. Start shadowing them by reading their blog posts, following them on social media and commenting on each one of their blog posts for at least 3 weeks. Stage 3: Here is my one tip. Building relationships online is challenging and not as easy as people make it seem. For example, take a look at the one I created for Pauline.

It is a great place to find multiple people in your niche in one place. Give what you want. You only want to use the tips in Step 2 where it makes sense. Go through their social media profiles. If they have CommentLuv Premium installed then I can easily follow the links from the people who commented back to their blog. Put thought into each comment. To form relationships with bloggers you need to inject yourself into their universe. Whether this is on Twitter, Pinterest, or shooting them angetting in touch directly and letting them know you appreciate their work is crucial for getting on their radar and developing trust.

Creativity begs to be enjoyed, shared and fostered. If you want blogging buddies, be a blogging buddy by giving whatever you want. I look for bloggers in my niche on Facebook and Instagram. I can get a peek at their blog visually through Instagram and get to know them personally. Then move to leaving genuine responses to questions, articles and so on. Where do you find bloggers in your niche? You get to have fun with your blogging buddies while you grow your traffic and build connections together.

For step 3 you want to use this method the least. My best advice is to invest in yourself so that you can find other bloggers who have the same interests as you. I find a lot of bloggers in the business world via their pinned blog posts on Pinterest. Some people are more receptive than others and building relationships will be quicker and easier with them. Stage 1: In stage one you want to start with social media. Before I give my favorite tip, I have to go more into the process I take because jumping right into this one could end up not giving you the best. For the many post I read, the Seeking fellow bloggers section is not mentioned nearly enough.

Want to impress them? Find people who leave a valuable comment and seem to be knowledgeable on the topic. Find the one or two platforms that they are most active on and start to simply Retweet and Like some of their shares. It is hard to choose one because there are so many variables to consider when approaching someone. Blogging is a creative endeavor.

While you are reading blogs in your niche, you just click on the Ninja extension and NinjaOutreach gives you the Rank and Alexa Ranking of that blog as well as the contact information of the blogger among other data. Because of that you need people. Comment on their blogs. I find niche bloggers through comments, through Triberr and through hashtag searches on twitter. The first way to get started on building relationships is to shadow the popular bloggers in your niche. I also find fellow bloggers on Instagram.

From there pay attention to their engagement. You have to own your uniqueness and your niche will follow. What is your one tip for building relationships with other bloggers? I love finding and sharing great blog posts that I know my audience will love via Facebook and Twitter.

Seeking fellow bloggers

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