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Finding employees has become the one challenge for employers in the United States over the last 10 years, and continues to be difficult in many parts of the country. But there are still ways to find good employees, often for free. We'll guide you through simple changes you can make and tools you can use to find employees fast. We're going to show you step by step how to get a lot more applicants for any job with unique, proven tips so that you're not just filling positions; you're filling them with the best possible people.

Many employers make the mistake of listing the qualifications and requirements for a job in a posting and leaving it at that. In a competitive job market, you need to write job posts that sell your jobs. Think of the title of your job post as a headline. Include details that grab attention — essentially, the best things about the job.

For example, in a cashier job description, you may highlight competitive pay, healthcare benefits, two weeks' vacation, and more. Look at your offerings, see where you're above average, and put that in the title. Before you get to the requirements and duties, include more details about why people would want to work for you. Do you have a team that people will be excited to mentor with? Are there specific aspects of your work culture that people love?

Do you have best-in-class equipment they'll use? Put what makes your company great in the first few paragraphs. A job description template will provide much of the boilerplate information you'll need, such as responsibilities and qualifications, making your task a bit easier. Start by posting to general free job posting sites such as Indeed. Despite being totally free, these sites still have a lot of value and can bring in a large of candidates.

See our list of free job posting sites for more places to post jobs for free. Google for Jobs allows your posting to be seen in search . This can greatly increase your job visibility. You can get it picked up by Google by having someone properly format it on your website, or by using a service such as Betterteam that creates a properly formatted jobs for you automatically.

If you aren't having any luck with general job boards, try listing your position on industry-specific sites, such as healthcare job boards , IT job boards , or remote job boards. This way, your ad will be placed in direct contact with candidates already experienced in your field. Universities commonly partner with businesses as part of their career services program. They regularly host events, such as career fairs, where companies set up booths and have talks and exhibits.

Contact local universities and colleges to set up a partnership with them to ensure that you have access to the best prospects entering the workplace. Some universities even advertise in their college newspapers or website, so you'd want their students to find you there. Approach your best employees and ask them who their favorite colleagues were at jobs, then try to win these people over. Your current staff members may also know people they studied with or met at professional networking events that would be a great fit for the job.

Get the details of these prospective candidates and set up interviews. Employee referrals tend to boost morale as well as retention rates , and they are often less costly than other advertising methods. Offering rewards to current employees is a great way to ensure your vacancies are filled with the best talent.

Set up an employee referral policy to get started. To find good employees, try talking to your best hires. Find out how they found you. See if they have any referrals — people they would enjoy working with. Test many different avenues for posting your jobs and see if one of them brings better people.

Also, develop a screening process. Post your retail positions on retail-specific job boards. The best way to find new employees fast starts with looking in many places. This doesn't have to be expensive, as there are many low-cost online job boards like Indeed , Craigslist , and FlexJobs. Also, try finding employees via social media platforms like Facebook , and get in touch with local resources like state and city job services, as well as local schools.

The best way to find employees is to test multiple recruiting strategies and see what works for your company. You may try posting to Indeed and other job boards, checking with career centers at nearby universities, posting jobs on social media, and posting "Help Wanted" flyers. Get potential employees to apply at your company by writing job postings that sell them on your position. Focus on all the best reasons they should work at your company, and limit qualifications and requirements only to the most essential.

Many people wonder how to find staff, especially skilled workers, in a sparsely populated area. Try advertising in the closest cities, find out if there are universities that local students go to, and target them with Facebook . You can also create nationwide that focus on the reasons to move to your area. Try advertising your vacancies on platforms such as Behance , Dribbble , and Krop. Some of the best places for looking for employees to hire for creative contract work are gig sites like Upwork , 99des , and CloudPeeps.

Talk to all of your very best hires and ask them who the best people they worked with were and where those people work now. Get in touch with their former favorite co-workers and make them offers, and you can essentially duplicate your best hires. If you do have money to spend on hiring, then a free online job posting site may not be the best place to start. Consider using a paid job board that is specifically focused on your location or candidates and then try a free job post.

Asking recent hires which job listing websites and job recruiting websites they visit is the best place to start. Indeed and Google for Jobs are all very large job posting sites with lots of candidates, but the best website for job postings may be a small, local job board specific to your industry and location. Google for Jobs is a recent entrant that is growing quickly due to the prominent location it is given inside the native Google search .

The best recruiting websites for your business may be smaller niche sites that are not as well known, so do your research. Learning how to post jobs on the right job hiring sites is a critical step in your recruitment process.

Seeking company right away

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