Save the virgin world

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The devastating announcement that Virgin Australia has gone into administration pushed the jobs of 16, workers closer to the brink. That means workers like Marcella , who has worked at Virgin for 17 years in Guest Services, face an uncertain future. But it is not too late for the Morrison Government to intervene and stop 16, workers, including ASU members around the country from losing their jobs.

This is the only way forward to have Virgin Australian owned and keep two national airlines in Australian skies. The airline industry across the world is under siege. The Morrison government needs to do the same. The Morrison government is at a crossroad. They can choose to invest tax payer money in buying a stake in an airline that will save jobs, make it Australian owned and allow Australia to avoid becoming a country with one all-powerful corporate airline in control of the skies.

The Federal Government has a choice: save the jobs of 16, workers, invest in a national asset, and keep the sky fair for everyone, or choose to turn their backs on these workers and their families. Remember: we are stronger together. In unity.

Save the virgin world

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