San Francisco California swingers clubs

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Our members are attractive, intelligent and thoroughly modern. Exploring our play rooms with your partner or new friends is a sexy adventure you will never forget. There are lots of areas where you can hang out, flirt, dance, chat, meet new people, and be social, pressure-free. Home About Apply Here! Club KISS. We've always got hot parties on the calendar! Click below for all the juicy details TEXT Upcoming Events. RSVP Tickets. Partner Events. KISS changes the rules about what a party can be. We host regular parties in the San Francisco Bay Area for members only.

our community of members to meet couples online and in the flesh. Etiquette We've had years of experience throwing these kinds of parties. We know that in order to create the right vibe you have to have some ground rules. If you make anyone uncomfortable you will be asked to leave and your membership revoked. If you spill your drink, let the bartender know, and please use the trashcan for used safe sex supplies.

Respect all sexualities Although almost all play here is hetersexual with bi women, this is a safe space for bi men. Homophobia will not be tolerated. We think men should kiss more. If you are too drunk you will be asked to leave. No single men! If you want to leave, then please leave together. Dress well Both men and women should make an effort to be well groomed and well presented. If you arrive at our door wearing sportswear or sloppy, dirty clothes, you will be turned away.

Practice safe sex We provide safe sex supplies and leave you responsible for your own safe sex practices. Please let people know ahead of time if you have an STD and be aware of personal hygiene. No cameras or cellphones Absolutely no cameras or cellphones are allowed to be used during the event in any areas of the club.

Report problems If you witness infractions of these guidelines, let a host know. Minor problems are addressed with a discrete chat and major problems are removed from the premises. Your identity will never be revealed. If you have any questions don't hesitate to drop us a line: 1 Testimonials The origin of the word "testimonial" comes from ancient Rome, where men would hold each others testicles as a of truthfulness when they made a promise We had an awesome time.

Everyone was really nice and friendly and best of all SEXY. This was our first time at the club, we danced and talked with other couples. I loved the atmosphere not to loud low lights stripper pole and cool play rooms. We liked that it was reasonably priced too. Our experience was that there was a great mix of different people and everyone was sexy. Everyone was really approachable and we met several couples, no pressure environment. From north bay to south bay we have been to all of the swing clubs, this is definitely now our new favorite club.

My boyfriend and I have been here a few times and each time has been a great experience. The staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is so engaging. People there are very laid back and easy to talk to. We have met so many nice and sexy couples and we look forward to coming here every time. You can participate with other couples or just enjoy being with your partner, I love this place!! After months of talking about it my husband and I finally made it to Club Kiss.

Not only did it meet my expectations…. This place is awesome! The people I met were completely normal, fun, outgoing couples just like me and my husband. They were so normal it was like being at a friends wedding! We laughed and drank together, complained about the DJ then went and fucked in a playroom…. Travel Events and Other Offers. Book any dates here! The Playground for Grown-ups. Vendor booths measure 8' x 8' 64 sq ft. Gridwall sections 2' wide x 8' tall are also available for a small fee.

San Francisco California swingers clubs

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