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Mikhail Romanov, a member of the ruling United Russia party who sits in the Duma, or lower house of parliament, filed the complaint about the posted under the dolcegabbana handle, the St Petersburg courts press service said. The two short videos were part of the Italian fashion house's global Love is Love campaign in the run-up to Valentine's Day.

Same-sex relationships are legal in Russia, but a law bans disseminating "propaganda on non-traditional sexual relations" among young Russians. Human rights groups have condemned the legislation, saying it has helped increase social hostility towards homosexuality. In a statement, the press office said the claim established that the video "contains information that rejects family values and propagandizes non-traditional sexual relationships.

However it said the prosecutor's claim has not progressed yet because it had not fulfilled certain administrative requirements, including providing documents supporting the claim. Information on the case will next be updated on June 7, it said.

Petersburg sex classifieds

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