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The red hot vinyl floor and the lacy, diaphanous white curtains hanging ceiling to floor tell us quickly that this is an exhibition that leans towards the alluring and the compelling. The paintings and sculptures are not exhibited in any sort of orthodox manner, that is, by country, period, style, or artist. He cautions us not to become entangled in ideology or theory. There are only two kinds of people, open-minded and close-minded people.

The space before the first set of curtains conveys a sense of playful innocence, but as we venture further these soft partitions give way to various expressions of nudity or partial nudity that are geared towards different viewpoints. Two Robert Mapplethorpe photographs of nude African American men are juxtaposed with a stunning watercolor by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema from several decades earlier.

A Stefan Balkenhol sculpture of a standing nude woman seems to resonate closely with a reclining nude in a large painting high on the wall. These anatomical landscapes, as such, resonate and harmonize with one another.

In one section three figures a drawing, a sculpture, a painting have their backsides turned towards us, their buttocks a little melody for the viewer. But the curator does not want to tell us how to respond:. An exquisite painting of a young Taiwanese girl by Lo Chan Peng, if handled by less capable hands, might have fallen into that category, but the execution of the work is so exquisite that the content itself almost takes a backseat to the skill that went into creating it.

One large picture that is sure to draw comments shows an older couple that has just finished making love. It is beautifully rendered but clearly these are not or year-olds. Truth opens at 10 a. Opening remarks at 11 a. Lee Hendrix, Curator of Drawings at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Through August Call or go to ESMoA. Comments posted to EasyReaderNews. View More. But they are not free to produce.

The advertiser model that traditionally supported newspapers is fading away. This is our way of transitioning to a future where newspapers are supported by their readers. Which is as it should be. Bondo Wyszpolski May 11, Art , feature. Real time discret Gps tracker 4g lte by spybase - 3 weeks ago. How can Kumon Redondo Beach help your preschooler? Subscribe to Easy Reader News. Be an Easy Reader Free Press supporter!

Nude women El Segundo

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