New friends any1

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Popular now. Uni home and forums. Student life. Subjects A-F. Subjects G-Z. Careers home and forums. Industry forums. More industry forums. Careers advice. Talk relationships. EU Students. Further information. News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Can't be bothered to keep in touch with people any more. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 10 years ago 1. I haven't had that many friends throughout my life, but always enough to have people to talk to and go out with when I wanted to, but now I just can't be bothered any more.

It's so difficult meeting people who now go to different universities, or have changed since I knew them well. So many people have become complacent. I haven't meshed well with the people at my university, and I think my loneliness has now converted into me not giving a damn any more.

Good friends, you get along with easily and usually instantly. It's simple and fun. I can't be bothered making an effort talking to people simply to exchange small talk. Does anyone else feel like this? Do you have to make so much more effort to keep in touch with people now? Not what you're looking for? Report 10 years ago 2. I'm the same. I haven't seen a single friend since about June, and there's only one person I'm really bothered about staying in touch with.

Anyone else it just feels like a massive chore to write to, so I mostly don't bother. RabbitCFH Badges: Report 10 years ago 3. I don't really keep in touch with my friends from home anymore. I talk to friends and that's all. I met a couple of them last summer and it was fun but I don't feel like talking to them too much anymore.

Neither do they though. Report 10 years ago 4. I'm pretty much the same. More that my "friends" have pretty well abandoned me and deliberately cut me out of their lives after 18 years, but hey. Koobideh Badges: Report 10 years ago 5. Yes a lot of people take a lot of effort just to keep in touch with, so I just left it. I used to make a lot effort to keep in touch with my old friends, but there was never any effort on their side so I just left them and moved on I know this sounds controversial, but I think it's cultural and I find a lot of British people have trouble socializing.

It's so easy to make good friendships in other countries like Italy, Spain, USA, etc, but I find that over here people just can't be bothered. Lo of people here are like that, and so many people here just spend their lives alone and sit in their bedroom in their spare time. Oh well. Badges: 0. Report 10 years ago 6.

Original post by Anonymous I haven't had that many friends throughout my life, but always enough to have people to talk to and go out with when I wanted to, but now I just can't be bothered any more. When will I know? Badges: 9. Report 10 years ago 7. I feel pretty bad after reading this.

Its not that I dont want, but I always think ill reply back later.. It is really nice to keep in touch though.. Report 10 years ago 8. Original post by When will I know? Report 10 years ago 9. This is probably the reason why I have no friends anymore.. The lack of genuine social contact, apart from with the family, has slowly made me socially inept and just generally stupid.

I'm not even sure if what I write makes sense anymore. If that's what you want then keep going! Just dont regret it later. Report 10 years ago I feel the same way. I've been friends with my closest friend since secondary school and over the years we've drifted apart a lot and tbh I really cannot be bothered with the friendship any more as we have very little in common now. I know its sad, but I'm at that point in my life where I need to work on myself. I've become very reclusive since graduating and I just want to be on my own now.

Am I depressed?? Jmzie-Coupe Badges: I've found that some friends are worth keeping in touch with, you generally know who these stellar characters are, others they tend to never bother and if you do get in contact with them they can't be bothered to get in touch back nevermind maintain contact, these sorts of people are the ones I generally don't bother with anymore. Pisces94 Badges: Same for me, haven't made much friends in college and I don't speak to my friends from my secondary school either even though they go to the same college as I do. Nothing much to say to be honest.

AnonaDan Badges: 0. A lot of my old pals from school are in the exact same place as they where when we left secondary school 7 years ago, still living at home, still in the same town, with their parents, still doing the same things they have always done. I guess this is why i rarely see or speak to them, we just have nothing in common these days. I prefer to talk to people with common interest so that we can actually have a decent conversation, other than that i too find it hard to find the motivation in this department.

Im pretty introvert anyway, i guess being passionate about art ive always spent a lot of time in my own head. I feel this a lot about a lot of people. I used to be more clingy, but now I generally can't be bothered. I feel sad about it because sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on 'normal' things, I mean I still go out and see some people but generally don't have many close friendships.

Some people just don't seem to be worth the effort, like I said I used to be very clingy and would try and persuade people to keep talking but now I just don't bother trying to force relationships with anyone. If I get into uni for I am scared that I will either be really clingy again or I will just not know how to be close with friendships anymore. I don't want to drive people away, it seems to always happen in the end.

I feel like what polarbeer said -. Original post by polarbeer slowly made me socially inept and just generally stupid.

New friends any1

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