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After two years of teaching pre-kindergarten, Cristina Guadalupe was ready to transition to the elementary level. Dedicated to working with low-income students, she began applying to schools in underserved communities across Camden, New Jersey. She sent out application after application but heard nothing back. Teachers fill out a profile where they relay their qualifications and experience. Then, they answer questions about desired school culture and pedagogical preferences. These questions ask about instructional models, discipline, classroom systems, and curriculum.

For example, do you prefer inquiry-based learning or direct instruction? Should curriculum be teacher-created or school-provided? Schools fill out a similar profile, providing basic information location, school type, grades served, staff and student demographics, etc. Schools also answer questions about their culture and pedagogy.

Selected then uses algorithms similar to those used by dating apps to match a teacher with best-fit schools. Tam explains that Selected is deed not only to create a streamlined hiring process for teachers but also to help them find a best-fit school.

The service is always free for teachers, and schools and districts only pay once they hire a candidate who they found through the platform. On average, five compatible schools contact a candidate within the first week. The school has a strong mentorship program for teachers in their early years and a pipeline of professional development specifically targeted at helping teachers with less experience achieve success. I believe in holistic teaching, and the rest of the faculty does too. We all have the same vision for success. We wanted to create that for them.

When researching and developing Selected, Tam and his team talked with school leaders, district representatives, and teachers. Where else are teachers going to apply? Charter schools are public schools operated by independent organizations, usually nonprofits. Most are schools of choice, and unlike magnet schools in traditional districts, they are not allowed to select their students. Freed from many rules and top-down policies constraining district-operated schools, charter school leaders have direct control over most school-level decisions. Yet, Tam and his team found that public charter schools often struggle to make themselves discoverable to teachers.

They lack the manpower of a human resources department, and school leaders spend hours shifting through low-quality s, looking for top-quality candidates. Prior to finding Selected, Rosas went to job fairs and attempted to recruit teachers. I wanted to find people who want to teach in the Bronx. Rosas now uses Selected as his main recruitment tool. Rosas seeks teachers who want to become imbedded in the community and whose pedagogical beliefs are rooted in positive discipline as well as recognizing the humanity of each child.

The warmth of our school comes from the staff trusting and respecting all members of the community. Through Selected, Heteki has found teachers, a current school leader, and a reading specialist. So far, all have been successful placements. Because charters are schools of choice and their leaders have the autonomy to set school culture and curriculum, they often utilize unique learning models — Montessori, project-based, dual-language, residential, etc.

Being able to choose from a variety of learning models increases the ability of teachers to find a best-fit school. Some teachers told Tam that they had stayed at schools where they were unhappy because the springtime hiring window overlaps with the timeframe for contract renewal, and they feared they might not get a different placement. Mills had recently finished his teacher training outside of downtown Chicago, and he was looking for a job in the District. Monument Academy is a weekday boarding school that serves students who have experienced trauma at home, especially those who are currently in, or at risk of being placed in, foster care.

As part of his teacher training, Mills taught at a residential therapeutic school. I get observed every three weeks or so. However, Tam has worked with some forward-thinking principals at district schools. These principals create s on Selected, find a best-fit teacher, and then instruct that person to apply to the district. Districts that continue to rely on such a hiring process baffle Tam. They value teachers and treat them with respect.

Unfortunately, many districts do have a highly centralized hiring process. In these districts, the central office hiring team uses Selected as a way of finding high-quality candidates for the district pool rather than focusing on finding a best-fit teacher for each school.

After all, utilizing Selected has been the most beneficial to teachers and schools when principals have had control over staffing decisions. School districts need to give their principals the same hiring autonomy granted to those at charter schools so that all public schools leaders have the ability to find teachers who best fit the needs of their school and, by extension, the needs of their students. After graduating from James Madison University, I earned a…. I ly worked for Fairfax County Public Schools, teaching high school English and directing writing centers.

I have also worked for George Washington University's Upward Bound Program, where I deed and implemented curricula to boost the literacy skills for urban youth. When I'm not writing about education, I enjoy reading fiction, playing bridge, sampling donuts and rock climbing. This is a BETA experience. You may opt-out by clicking here. More From Forbes. Oct 2, , am EDT.

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New beginnings dating langhorne

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