My boyfriend needs more than me

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The beginning of a relationship is great. You see each other a couple times a week, and he plans everything and shows interest all the time. Then as soon as things get serious, all of those things start to dwindle. I consistently asked myself if he was simply over hanging out with me, because this is the point where some men usually start to pull away.

As an independent woman, this was uncharted territory for me. Co-dependency is not my thing. Quality time can be scarce, and sometimes all I want to do is be in his space. That notion completely escapes him sometimes. I love my partner to death, but sometimes it takes him a minute to figure things out. In the past, assuming worked for me — eventually, my past ificant others figured it out. But with my current boyfriend, I have to state the obvious and tell him when I need him to step up and make plans for us.

It makes me human, and it should prove to him how much I care about him and our relationship. I am all for wanting time for yourself to take a second to refuel and readjust without any distractions. However, time is temporary.

Space is a different story. When someone says they need space from you, they want distance that you may not recover from. I hate feeling like the uncool girl. I used to secretly battle myself with what I should say to him regarding our time apart and what I felt comfortable with. In the past, I never had to ask to spend time with my ificant other. I thought it was normal to want to spend time with your boyfriend and not have to ask for it.

I kind of feel guilty about having to ask him to spend time with me. I refuse to live in fear. It all came down to speaking my mind, and it was scary. I was so worried about telling him how I felt. I accept what I need in a relationship.

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My boyfriend needs more than me

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