Married bi looking swingers sex

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Recently my husband, Paul, and I attended a cocktail party thrown by some friends of ours. We got all dressed up. Paul wore his dark suit and I wore my black cocktail dress. At the party, though, we met another married couple: Allison and Tom. They were in their mid-thirties and, as we found out, lived in semi-retirement. Tom had made a lot of money in the stock market, so they were pretty well-off financially.

Well, Paul and I hit it off with them immediately. I think it's because Allison and I both had the bartender make us gimlets. Most people don't know what's in a gimlet gin and Rose's lime juice , so it was an immediate opening for conversation. Besides, I thought Allison was really cute. She was shortish with full luxurious blonde hair that hung down below her shoulders.

Her dress had a similar cut to mine, which meant that it was showing off plenty of her cleavage. We were getting pretty tipsy from the drinks although Paul had to stop drinking fairly early because he had to drive us home and Tom suggested we come with them to their lake cabin the next weekend. We didn't have anything else planned, so we agreed. As we were leaving, Allison gave me a kiss on the cheek which I thought was a little more than friendly.

The next weekend arrived and Paul and I arrived up at Tom and Allison's cabin. When we knocked on the door, Allison greeted us wearing nothing but the skimpiest bikini. It was obvious that she had just been swimming: her hair was wet and her nipples were erect, pressing against the fabric of her swimsuit. We walked in and Tom was sitting in the den. He was also just wearing only a swimsuit, and it was only barely covering the bulge between my legs.

Tom suggested that we change and then head out to the hot tub. Allison showed us to our room and we changed into our swimsuits. I had the feeling that we wouldn't be wearing them for long. I guess I should explain a little about Paul and myself. While we never have had sex with anybody but each other since we got married, we'd often fantasized about it. If the opportunity presented itself, and it felt right, I was sure that we wouldn't turn it down. We went out to the hot tub, and Tom and Allison had a bottle of wine waiting for us. We sat in the warm water of the tub and watched the sun set over the lake while sipping the cold wine.

Before long, we were all pretty relaxed. Tom dared Allison to take the top of her bikini off. She said she would if I would. I giggled and looked at Paul and pulled it off right there! He grinned back at me as Allison took off her top.

We drank another glass of wine when, all of a sudden, I found Allison all over me. Her mouth was all over my face, kissing my lips. Her tongue met mine and in the most beautiful erotic and wanting kiss I have ever had. She pulled away from me and asked if I minded. I could only stammer that I didn' t mind at all. Now I had never ever even kissed another woman in a sexual way. I guess I'd thought about making love to another girl, but not seriously. However, with Allison throwing herself at me, there was nothing in the world I wanted more than to make love to her beautiful body.

Allison came back over to me and began to take great time and pleasure in rubbing my breasts. As she kissed me passionately, she took my nipples between her thumb and finger and began to lightly pull at them. The sensation went straight to my crotch, and the strong pangs of desire flooded my body. Then Allison stopped kissing my face and began to kiss my breasts. She sucked one nipple into her warm mouth and gently tongued its hardness. Then she moved her head and began to nip at my other breast. I wanted her badly. Then, all of a sudden, while Allison was suckling at my breasts, I felt her hand between my legs.

She pushed my bikini to the side and began rubbing my clitoris with a slow circular motion that drove me wild. I reached for her head to bring her mouth to mine. She kissed me hard while I fucked her hand. But before I came, she pulled away and smiled at me. I groaned in frustration. Allison then went over to Paul. She told him to sit on the edge of the tub. He got up and I saw that his dick was incredibly hard. It was pushing against his suit, making a little tent.

Allison pulled Paul's suit down and knelt before him. She took his cock between her lips and began to suck him. Paul's eyes closed and then opened again to look at me. I was incredibly aroused by this woman sucking my husband's cock and I guess that Paul could tell. He smiled at me, closed his eyes again and then took Allison's head in his hands. Slowly he guided Allison onto his dick, fucking her face in long strokes.

Tom then approached me and lifted me up onto the side of the hot tub. He pulled off my swimsuit bottom, leaving me completely naked. He buried his head between my thighs and licked my opening from top to bottom. Then he inserted a finger into me and began to massage my g-spot while concentrating his tongue on my hard clit. I began moaning and, after the teasing that Allison gave me, came all over his face. Allison pulled away from Paul and came over to where her husband was eating me out. She leaned over the side of the tub and kissed me fully on the mouth.

I wanted to devour her. Paul walked up behind her and slipped his penis inside of her. At first she began moving slowly back against him. Paul began to pick up the pace and before long he was pounding strongly into her. I knew he was close to coming. I saw his hips move faster and faster and then his back arched. I knew he was coming, shooting his warm juices inside of her. Paul then sat back into the tub. I didn't think Allison had come yet, but she gently took one of my breasts in her mouth. Paul came over and took the other nipple into his. I was the center of attention and I climaxed again on Tom's finger and tongue.

Passion overwhelmed me and all I wanted to do was make Allison come. I pushed everyone away from me and turned Allison around so she could sit on the side of the tub. I knelt in front of her and lowered my head between her legs. I kissed her up and down and concentrated on her clit.

She pulled my head and I pushed two fingers up inside of her. I curled them and began to rub against her g-spot. Allison started moaning with pleasure and I was so happy inside knowing that I was making her feel so good. Then, behind me, I felt a hard dick urgently pushing itself inside of me. I turned to see Tom positioning himself between my legs. He began long deep trusts that pushed me into his wife's beautiful crotch.

I returned my attention to getting Allison off and Paul came up to kiss her breasts. I continued to circle Allison's clitoris with my tongue. She was moaning and thrusting her wetness up into my face. Her juices were all over my face. Suddenly she moaned loudly and lifted her hips. Her whole body went rigid. Then she began to shudder.

Married bi looking swingers sex

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