Love loyalty respect commitment

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Loyalty provides a longer and more successful commitment in any relationship, which is why I believe it is better than love. Without loyalty, there is no trust, respect, or hope in the relationship. In a sense, it really can be love vs. Or maybe even Beyonce and Jay Z? Now, look at Keyshia and Gucci Mane, a prime example of loyalty. Gucci served three years in prison, and Keyshia never left his side, nor did she run off with his money, as most people would have. This is a prime example of love vs loyalty. This was not out of love. This was out of loyalty. When I was around eight years old, my parents got a divorce.

This caused my father to leave my brother and me, having my mother to raise us as a single parent. Yes, my father loved my family, but ever since he left, that loyalty is no longer there. I have not heard from my father ever since then, and I do not know where he is today. Yes, I do still love my father, but my loyalty goes to my mother. She has been the one to stick with my family through thick and thin, and I could never replace someone as special as her. Today, I will tell you about loyalty and how it provides a longer and more successful commitment in any relationship, which is why I believe loyalty is better than love.

As ly mentioned before, about Google, love is only a feeling. Love can only be experienced temporarily, not permanently; an experience can only happen once. Yes, you could have multiple experiences similar to that one experience, but each experience is unique. A feeling is an emotional state or reaction. To feel is to be aware of a person or object through touching or being touched.

Anger, sadness, happiness, joy, and disgust are just a few examples of feelings people have throughout their lifespan. Even fear can be an example of a feeling because you cannot live in fear forever. Fear is not eternal unless you let it be. For example, if you fear spiders, you will only be scared the moment you see a spider.

Once that moment is gone, you are no longer scared. The same goes for public speaking: tension or anxiety may build up days before as your fear gets more intense. However, once you present that speech, either bombed or killed, you still overcome that fear and are no longer scared, nervous, or anxious. This all relates to love being just a feeling, meaning love is belief and not everlasting like loyalty is. At this time, you have a feeling that he or she could be the one, but do not mistake love for attraction. Scientist Jessica Hamzelou states in a podcast that one in three people claim they have fallen in love at first sight.

However, her research proves that love, at first sight, is not real, only a temporary feeling by giving an example of online dating, including social media. They were attracted to how he or she looked and the ideal of that person. He would rather have someone on his side always than someone to love him.

Even when it rains, it is still going up in flames. In love vs. When he was around, I did love him and all the things he did for my family. Now that I am older, I no longer have that same love because the loyalty was not there. These couples might not love that person anymore, but if they still have a strong bond and respect for one another, they will not share their personal business with anyone.

All things people would not get a divorce for if they had loyalty. Loyalty is an evolved form of love because you only gain loyalty out of love. However, people have more respect for the person they are loyal to instead of the person they love. Word is bond, if there is no trust in the relationship, there can be love, but there is no loyalty. Loyalty translates into happiness for eternity, while love brings you happiness only for a short time. Now we have a clear understanding of love vs loyalty and how loyalty is more important than love and the benefits of each one.

Loyalty cannot and should not compare to love. Loyalty is consistent, reliable, and faithful. On the other hand, love is short-lived and limited. Love is not guaranteed, and not everyone can experience love, but everyone can experience loyalty no matter who it is.

As I closed off, I want to leave you with a difficult decision. Or in a relationship where you never been cheated on but out of love? Thanksgiving is only two days away, and after such a rough year, few things sound better than reuniting with loved ones for a much-needed pause — especially when it comes to Black Thanksgiving, because in all honesty, Blacks do holidays differently.

For many, this season evokes the feeling of togetherness. Vegging out on a sofa, […]. In some ways, November 8th gave many of us the finale to that we sorely needed. African Americans worked tirelessly to dispel doom from the White House, and black women especially, played an indispensable role in galvanizing the voters who carried Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to victory.

Together, the American people made history, […]. Home Opinions Which is more important: love or loyalty? Which is more important: love or loyalty? June 22, Opinions dating for black women dating for women of color love loyalty relationships. Kailyn Rhone. Opinions We reconciled their pasts, now Biden and Harris must stand on their promises November 18,

Love loyalty respect commitment

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