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Be available and ready when it shows up. But what could both phrases, similar in their messaging, mean for you? We are all looking for something in our lives. The notion of being satisfied with your life is definitely a goal for most, but not many are able to attain it. And as humans, it is in our DNA to always strive for something new or exciting, to fulfil our passions. If you are looking for love, do you believe that it is something you will eventually find? What you believe of course depends upon your past experiences with love and relationships, and whether they have been good, bad, or somewhere in between.

If you believe that you get back what you put out — whether at work, home, in friendships, or relationships, then you have a large amount of control over what and who comes in and out of your life. In the form of relationships, for example, you might have had a series of toxic relationships and after each break-up, you learnt something new about yourself. How can you avoid attracting the same people you usually attract, if you want a different future?

What are you doing to make sure that the next person that comes along, knows what you are ready for? What were the reasons your last relationship ended? How did it make you feel? It sounds like a lot of questions, but they are pertinent. But you have to be ready. We have all been there: coming out of a serious relationship that ended in pain and heartbreak, only to jump head first into something with a new person. Or it could be a casual fling, where you feel safe and emotionally distant, whilst the other person intends to progress into a serious relationship. Looking for something means knowing what that thing looks like and it also means being fully ready when you eventually find it.

And that is not to say that you cannot meet your ideal partner before you are ready, but the right awareness will be essential for helping you in the long run, especially with future relationships. Naturally, this is all on the assumption that you believe that what you are looking for is also looking for you.

It seems that a mixture of hope and belief are what is needed in the search for your desire. Perhaps, it is more than that. People are intuitive, we pick up on how other people feel, from strangers to loved ones. For many of us, empathy is our greatest strength. So in the case of finding a new and fulfilling relationship, if you do not believe that your potential partner is out there, then perhaps your potential partner could cross your path but not feel the need to stop because they sense your doubt or hesitation.

Again, this comes down entirely to whether you believe it or not. Much like a patient who believes that they will get well again, statistically, recovery time from illness can be much improved if a patient believes that they will get better. We are what we put out into the universe, including how we treat other people and how we expect to be treated. And even if you cannot see a fully formed figure of the partner you are looking for, it does not mean that they are any less likely to reveal themselves.

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Looking for whatevr

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