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Let us know if you can think of any others in the comment section below! Bello should be your go-to word for handsome in Italian, although it can translate in many other ways including beautiful , nice , wonderful , fine and so on. Maria thinks that man is very handsome. Bello is one of those adjectives that can come before or after the noun. When it precedes most masculine singular nouns, bello is abbreviated to bel.

For example:. Note: Ciao bello! Although it literally translates as Hi handsome! In fact, both men and women use it with their male friends all the time. The closest equivalents in English would be Hey man! Ciao bello, come stai? Italians will use this form to add extra emphasis if they feel someone is exceptionally handsome. Like bello , bellissimo can come before or after the noun it describes.

However, its location does not cause a change in form. Potrebbe fare il modello. That boy is very handsome. He could be a model. How can you be so handsome? Attraente is the word for attractive in Italian. Io mi chiedo: cosa rende un uomo attraente agli occhi delle donne? I wonder: what makes a man attractive to women? Fusto actually means trunk of the human body but it is sometimes used in a humorous way to describe a good-looking young man with a tall, robust and athletic build.

Pietro is a total hunk and women really like him. Fico is actually a slang word in Italian that means hot or cool guy. And yes, before you ask, fico also means fig in Italian! Depending on the region, one might say figo instead of fico.

For example, my husband, who comes from Turin in the north, only ever uses figo. This article is also available in video format on our YouTube channel. Daily Italian Words. Start here! Menu Start here!

Looking for my handsome boi

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