Looking for lost rib

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in. I was discussing with a friend a few years ago. He was telling me about the woman he was going out with and how well she complemented him. He kept going on and on about all her admirable qualities how she was very beautiful, an excellent cook, a great homemaker and an expert at looking after kids. She was also smart, soft-spoken, gentle, kind and down to earth. Then, smiling very broadly, he said,. I laughed really hard and said,. Check if she feels the same way about you. Check her values. Watch out for red flags too. Before you scream blasphemy or condemn me to be burned at the stakes, hear me out.

I am a Christian and I believe that the Bible is God's word. Let me explain. First, after Eve was created, no other woman was made from the rib of a man. No other man has ever fallen asleep and woken up to see his wife standing beside him. Even if you were matched with her, like they do in some cultures or in ancient times, you knew who gave birth to her. Or the family she came from.

You still had to see her, eventually, and try talking with her. Men would reach their "ripe" or marriageable age, and then boom, their ribs would be created and brought to them the same way Eve was brought to Adam. But we all know that no one marries this way today. Secondly, apart from Eve, no other woman has been given in marriage to a man by Providence. Many Preachers like to say just for laughs, of course that after Adam blamed God for the wife He gave him, God decided that men should choose their own wives.

That way, no one would blame Him for whatever damsel they ended up with. So, saying that you have a missing rib somewhere takes away the power of your choice. Also, all through the Scriptures, no one else referred to their wife or wives as their missing rib or missing ribs.

Not Abraham. Not Lot. Not Moses. Not David. Not Samuel. Not Saul. Not even Jacob or Joseph. Nobody referred to their wife as someone that was taken from them apart from Adam, the first man. Everyone knew where their wives were from. Many of them knew their immediate families or close relatives. They knew their home towns too. These women were born by their mothers. Even the ones who got married as orphans were born before they were orphaned.

If as a woman your "rib cage" the man whose rib you were died, you were doomed for life — even if he died before ever meeting or marrying you. This would make some bit of sense if the ratio of men to women is equal in the world. Can a woman be a missing rib to more than one man? Will she marry them at the same time or one by one? If she has to marry them one by one who would you wish ill luck or expect to die early?

Who would you want to live long? In the Bible, we see people remarry freely. People just fall in love or plan to forge alliances and a match is made. Tamar also remarried. Abigail remarried. Bathsheba remarried. Also, if the story by the Sadducees were true, was it that she was a missing rib to all seven? What an interesting coincidence!

This means that men have no ribs missing. A lot of people may say that this talk is metaphorical but many times, they say it to suggest that there is ONLY ONE person meant for you. They always cite the Adam and Eve story to justify their claims forgetting that their realities are a lot different from ours today. These were two people who had no choice. They were the only ones existing at that time and so it made sense for their relationship to happen that way.

Besides, why would we choose that metaphor and use it to describe something we have with someone? It sounds super awkward to me! He may be Nigerian or Afghanistan but his missing rib could be a nun in South Carolina. He may be Canadian and his missing rib would be a scuba diver in UK. He could be in Mauritania but she could be a scientist in Portugal or an Olympic medalist in China.

If the two people ever meet, she may not even be interested in marriage with him or with anyone. Another interesting angle is: What if as a woman, you're the missing rib to a serial killer? Or the missing rib to a rapist, an armed robber or a terrible mean old dictator?

Of course, they're human men too and so they'd definitely need to have their rib missing as well - it's only fair, don't you think? If you're the missing rib to such a terrible person, would you have to marry and move in with them? Do you realize how utterly ridiculous this just sounds? Surely, no one in their right mind would want to be with someone who would hurt them and hurt everyone else around them. So you see? This myth of the missing rib is not plausible.

Does this mean their "missing ribs" died as spinsters? Think about it. The Bible tells us expressly that it is a choice - both whether to marry and whom to marry. Some women love men that cook. Some women want men that have jets. Some just want a man who has a house. Some like a tall, dark glass of chocolate handsome while some others love vanilla cream coloured well-built men.

Dear Man, you have no missing rib. Take your time, open your eyes and look, be selective. Also be discerning and prayerful. Before you choose someone, watch out for their values and their beliefs. Take a notice of how they treat you and the people around them. Then, choose. Choose someone you admire. Choose someone that makes you feel butterflies when he or she looks at you.

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Looking for lost rib

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