Looking for funstate or unc guys

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Please in with your WRAL. Not hard to believe at all. It suits you. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! Great post! You made me smile! Never been called Digger Phelps!!! Maybe Vitale but never Digger! Just a comment as to the shooting percentage. Of course teams will have bad nights but when both shoot badly it is not good to brag on the quality of the teams. Also the frequency of this is of course telling as to the teams offense.

LOL — Posted by Sassie As usual, you hit it on the head. Expect some to constantly whiz on our progress as a program this year. It tells me we are headed in the right direction We would all do well to remember: you can't win a p issing match with a skunk.

Anybody who posts on here obviously has a lot to be thankful for. Bottom line about why college basketball is better than college football: it's decided on the court. Try telling the 3rd ranked basketball team at the end of the regular season they aren't getting a chance to play for the championship. However, we'll likely never see the 18th ranked football team ever have a prayer. State demolishes Clemson, and he has to be force-fed the suppository that was his opinion before the game; he had no choice, he couldn't denegrate State's performance in that game no matter what he did.

It's because he can't talk about how terrible State is any longer, so he's got to talk shi t about something. After all, that's what a-holes do: spew forth voluminous amounts of shi t. We're happy with where our team's at right now, and it's p issing you off. Here's hoping you get over yourself before you snap. Go Pack. So basketball is all about shooting percentages now? If that is the case, UNC is ranked 6 in the nation with. Their schedule so far holds with 3 cupcakes and 1 down team. On the other hand, NC State is 37 in the country with. But good thing rankings are not judged on shooting percentages, right Sassie?

Look at other stats and then make an educated analysis on another program that you know nothing about. When both teams are shooting poor, it can be an indication of the quality of teams, it may mean that they are just not shooting good or it may mean that they are a very good defensive team. State definitely has to shoot better, but you can't really tell by the first 5 games.

Relardless of what you think they have played quality teams. Teams may shoot great the first few games and then terrible the rest of the year or vise-versa. As far as the ACC season goes, you will not have too much fun, State will finish in the top half of the conference.

May not be 1 or 2, but they will not be far back. Also, I hope UNC, Duke or any other team thinks like you do when they come to Raleigh, we'll see, State has beaten a highly ranked UNC before with not nearly as good of a team or coach. Annnnd you're still talking? Just consider this a comment as to the ignorance and arrogance of your statements. Just to be curious, what are the teams that State has played shooting?

Defense also wins games. All the teams played so far made the tournement last year and will probably make it this year also. I am trying to be kinder and more gentle but you may kiss the AZZ! If you can not pick up on the poor shooting of the pack compared to anyone you are stooopid With all of this said NCSU is in Phoenix mode, rising up from the ashes. I think this team will surprise a lot of people before the season is over.

Madison, What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Go Tarheels!!! No comparison of these 2 programs. Well put, and cojo I can't believe I'm saying this is also right.

We had a few pieces of decent meat left in the locker. Just want to make sure that you know that TBK To listen to you guys you already have made the sweet 16 and headed for the final 4!! Most of your unx fans are the walmart types imo. Not all your fans were privileged to earn degrees in Swahili such as yourself. Comparing Texas to Tenn St shows you are truly dumb, and not even qualified to be a walmart greeter. Great victory over Texas. Now get ready for Elon. Go Pack!!! Gott may be making meals with Lowe's leftovers -- but it's not like those leftovers were chopped liver. As said before, me thinks the wolffies are very athletic and will present a match-up problem for many teams To put a food twist on it Some comparisons can be made like both coaches are working hard to get the most out of their raw ingredients.

Roy has quite a stocked cupboard to work with, Gott has Lowe's leftovers, but he is making a pretty good meal with those leftovers, gotta give him credit for that. Roy is a master at stocking the cupboard. You can tell the Pack will not give up or give in like in the past, and despite the shooting percentage they are finding ways to win. Ugly, pretty, it does not matter, it's a W. The comeback on Texas was all about character. It will take a while but if I were a Pack fan I'd be excited just not to be looking like a microwaved frozen dinner after every game.

You continue to make my point. It's not enough that YOUR team is ranked 1, and still the odd-on favorite to win the national championship. You're not content with that. You have to come here and TRY but fail to rain on our parade. It makes you look pitiful, but it also proves my point. It's not enough for most Carolina fans for their team to win.

They also need other fans' teams to lose. It is what it is. You need it for your superiority complex. No big deal, just making sure YOU know that, too. Have a great Thanksgiving! Actually, all I've read is the excitement of our fans at seeing our team PLAY like a team, and learning how to win. I haven't seen anyone talk like we're this year's surprise NCAA 'darlings. Except maybe harr. Well, no one was comparing them LOL Winning by 30 points is not enough for pitiful Carolina fans.

They have to bring their superiority complexes to other fan bases and make sure THEY aren't happy although your attempt at that is obviously not working The better question is, why did you feel the need to compare your 1 team in the nation to NC State? What exactly are you trying to prove to yourself anyway? Remember, we see right through you like a parent sees through their young child Understatement of the decade, so why did you just compare them?

I thought this thread was about State beating Texas? Neither team is ranked. TN just beat SC. Hope you get off early from Walmart tomorrow night. Sorry you have to deal with those holiday work hours.. I think you're getting your TN flagship schools confused. Duke played the TN flagship school, Tennessee. UNC played the cupcake, Tennessee State. Thank you Sir. His energy, positive attitude, and zeal to do this much with hiring solid coaches, and recruitment makes me think that Seth Greenberg needs to step it up a bunch.

Based on my readings from players, they are hitting the weight room, and is shows all-ready. Over the past 5 years State got kicked in the 2nd half They were out of shape.

Looking for funstate or unc guys

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State Beats Texas