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Packer Creek is a small stream that runs down a steep hill through the middle of Chignik Lagoon. Where before were only small ATV trails, now there is about a mile of gravel access road along the creek, leading up to a new dam. Walking to the ribbon cutting, hydro project manager Michelle Anderson pointed out where the new road construction cut into the glacial till in the hillside. The biggest advantage, she says, is getting away from diesel. The person who is perhaps most familiar with diesel in Chignik Lagoon is Larry McCormick, who operates the diesel plant and most of the other utilities in town:.

McCormick has been working the diesel plant since it started decades ago. And now, he and two other operators are learning to work with hydro. At top of Packer Creek, McCormick shows guests the 9-foot dam where water flows into a pipe through a metal screen. McCormick says when ice or debris clog the screen, the hydro can shut off and the diesel will kick back in. McCormick expects the year ahead will be full of these little challenges. Still, he says, the hydro will be much easier to manage than the old diesel plant. All that oil then has to be transported to a dump site and burned. McCormick says the hydro system, on the other hand, requires just a little grease on the bearings every 1, hours.

On the way back to town, McCormick gives a tour of the small hydroelectric power house. Inside, water flows from the pipe into a water turbine, generating up to kilowatts of electricity. This is really quiet. in. Forgot your password? Get help.

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Lets chat on chitnik

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