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After a Beautiful older ladies ready horny sex Jefferson City stint of Di treatment by he of state around the world, our Secretary of State is looking constantly perturbed when not downright angry. My guess is she's between a rock and a hard place as she owes Bush for her current high visibility status and he and for countless days at the ranch as their daughter-like guest, but she disapproves of of his recent actions.

She's stood by him but now knows that he'll dump anyone to save himself, that he's disloyal to the loyal. Her new diplomatic asment in the Middle East beats a sudden Rumsfeld-like dismissal, but not by much. She help guarantee failure because she is not an effective negotiator too much telling and very little listening, too obsessed with the one way of achieving a single goal rather than options for achieving multiple, similar ones. Like our Plan A President, when she has a principle or course of action she's like a pit bull. In short, Secretary Rice is the right person for the job of failing to negotiate and thereby making a with Iran look like a last resort.

But where would that leave her? Strained relations between the President and his Secretary of State be speculation, yet there's often truth in rigorous forms and something is not quite right in that relationship. Rice knows far too much for the President to let her go, but he seems to be putting distance between the two of them. He has given more praise and nods of approval lately to Lieberman than he's given to her. Negroponte, a powerful and experienced diplomat, is on her heels.

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He has daycare skits now and she has missed all of them and i know it hurts him to know she is not there. I know this because he asks me everytime why momma didnt come. I have been protecting him for the time being but he figure it out sooner or later. Please dont diss her and her names as she is not really a bad person i think she is confused and need mental help for depression.

I have tried everything to reach her but nothing seems to work. I offer to help her and even bring him to her for a few hrs but she says she dont want to right now or some other excuse. Yes he can stay over night if he wants but she just refuses any contact with him. So please maybe someone on here can help me and maybe give me some ideas on what i can of seeing him cry at night because he sees momma in store and she turns and goes the other way.

For you people who are thinking no i didnt kick her out or anything. It was all her would take her back in a heart beat if I knew she would get know she is a loving ,wonderful,beautiful person and loves her but just dont know why she has chosen this path. She in turn is frustrated that he does not appear to understand her telling it straight up but he only hears noise -nagging! Two different languages from ONE language! Liken to one understands only in the objective meaning of a word and the other is only hearing the subjective meaning of a word so to speak. Younger man looks to lavish his attentions on an older woman.

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Lady seeking nsa WI Loretta 54896

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