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Some features of this site may not work without it. View Usage Statistics. Publication Date Publisher Wellcome Collection. Metadata Show full item record. Description The third pandemic of plague in its bubonic and pneumonic clinical forms struck the globe between and As Yersinia pestis spread from country to country and from continent to continent, it left behind it not only a trail of death and devastation, but also a vast visual archive. It was the first time that plague would reach and establish itself in all inhabited continents.

But it was also the first time that any epidemic would be photographed. As plague spread from harbour to harbour, and amongst cities, towns and villages, so did photographs of the pandemic through reproductions in the daily and illustrated press.

Rather than forming a homogeneous or linear visual narrative, these photographic documents provided diverse perspectives on the pandemic, which, more often than not, were not simply different from region to region, but in fact conflicting within any single locus of infection.

The plague pandemic spread to British India in where it continued to strike at cities, towns and villages for 30 years, leading to ten million deaths. The initial outbreak affected Bombay Mumbai , but soon spread further to Pune and Karachi, reaching Kolkata the following year. Colonial government actions to control and treat the plague outbreak were extensive, but generally ineffective and harsh in the first stages. A campaign of quarantines, isolation camps, travel restrictions, demolition and disinfection of buildings was pursued, leading to massive resistance which forced colonial authorities to revise their epidemic control policy.

Several international plague commissions operated in India in the first years of the epidemic, including commissions from Russia, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Institute Pasteur. The photographic record of the outbreak in India is international and covers a range of topics, including anti-plague measures, clinical symptoms, and the depiction of plague hospitals. Spatial Coverage India, Bombay. Temporal Coverage c. Relationships Host Item: Moss, C. The Bombay plague epidemic of work of the Bombay Plague Committee. Photographs attributed to Capt. Moss, Identifiers i. Rights All Rights Reserved.

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La Ward women La

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