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Top Searches Afghanistan News. Joe Biden. Australia Covid Cases. Shooting in Washington DC. Taliban News. Facebook Twitter Linkedin . Afghan security forces keep watch at checkpoint in Guzara district of Herat province. Credits: Reuters. Yusuf made these remarks during a briefing to the country' s Senate Foreign Affairs Committee , convened to discuss the current Afghan situation, The Express Tribune reported. Pakistan foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi , was also present at the briefing. Presenting a pessimistic picture of Afghanistan, Yusuf said, "The situation is bad and out of Pakistan's control.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has continued with its offensive and claimed to have captured 85 percent of the territory in the country. According to a prominent Afghan expert, the Taliban would not engage in a dialogue with Ashraf Ghani 's government as long as the Pakistani military and intelligence continue to give sanctuary to terrorists.

In an interview with German's DW, Ahmed Rashid, a journalist and best-selling foreign policy author of several books about Afghanistan, said that the chaotic situation in Afghanistan "can suck in the neighbouring countries". If Pakistan wants to show its sincerity, it needs to immediately force the Taliban leaders to either compromise or leave their sanctuaries in Quetta or in Peshawar," Rashid said.

On Saturday, Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, said he sees the Taliban responsible for the ongoing violence in the country in which at least to people are killed every day. Who will benefit if Afghanistan is ruined and if Afghans are killed?

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In and out nsa

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