Idaho woman naked

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Sunbathers enjoy mids weather Tuesday at City Beach. Multiple reports of women going topless along Coeur d'Alene's beaches over the Memorial Day weekend prompted a look into Idaho's indecent exposure law, which doesn't prohibit men or women from going topless. And why? The scene caused enough of a stir to get shocked-and-awed readers to call into The Press to complain.

The law re:. Inclusion of a breastfeeding exemption — passed in — implies that lawmakers wanted to otherwise-prohibit the exposure of breasts in public, according to chief civil deputy city attorney Randy Adams. Troy Tymesen, city administrator, said the specific language is taking the city down a curious legal course. Whether or not a woman exposing her breasts is absolutely legal is up for debate. Chapter 15 of Idaho Code, which addresses the protection of children and vulnerable adults, prohibits the dissemination of obscene materials and obscene performances to minors.

Nevertheless, the hubbub over the weekend reports swirled online, with many planting flags on both sides of the issue: Some consider the acts of the sunbathers as criminally immodest. Others expressed displeasure over the double-standard imposed on women while men routinely get a social pass to walk around topless. The social stigma died out because — as a society — we decided going topless wasn't a big deal. Now it is perfectly acceptable for men to walk around city streets shirtless without anyone batting an eye. The hypocrisy drew enough ire that Capes and others are talking about a Free The Nipple march, but talks of that particular protest are still only in the conversation stage.

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Idaho woman naked

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