I need a good friend do you

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Friendships are quite important and obviously remaining friends in a marriage is of utmost importance. It is crucial that the husband and wife are best friends who share a marriage based on honesty, respect, loyalty, communication and love. Thinking back to my failed relationships, I can see how we stopped being best friends and it caused a huge wedge which eventually was part of the reason that our partnership ended.

Even though your spouse is your best friend, you also need someone of your own gender to be your best friend too. According to research, it is even more important for women to have another female friend than it is for a man to have a male friend. Since Joan lives in Hollywood, California, and I live in Richmond, Virginia , all I can say is thank goodness the telephone was invented! Distance does not hamper our friendship and we talk to each other at least every other day.

There are so many reasons that it is important to have a really good friend. Let me tell you some of them…. This is the service of a friend. With him we are easily great. Before him, I may think aloud. Marlene Dietrich said so much in the quote I just shared with you. The time of day is irrelevant because your friendship is timeless and ageless. All 22 reasons that it is important to have a good friend and all the characteristics of a good friendship is what I share with Joan.

Although we live 3, miles away, she is always there for me and vice versa. We both feel great gratitude at having met each other and it has made us both better people. A good friend always wants the best for you and your family. They would never intentionally hurt you and their friendship is a priceless gift. Joan has been a priceless gift in my life and I dearly love her and her talented son, Brandon Peters. Thank you both for loving me back. I must say that out of the thousands of posts you have written on your blog this is without a doubt the best post you have ever written!

I agonize over ever word I write. Then I edit and edit and edit my comment until I feel that I have gotten every word right. I will never understand why it takes you so long to do E. For me there is no such thing as spontaneity when it comes to writing. Profusely I might add. Bella would know how to handle it far better than me. Bella never hardly ever sweats.

No, Bella would just take it all in stride, knowing that she fits all 22 of the criterion of what a good friend should be. PST, because those are the hours I am asleep. Yeah, but I have called and woke you up many times. The funniest conversations we have are when you are typing, I am typing, and we forget each other is on the phone until one of us makes a loud noise or Bella barks.

I miss you both and our Blog Frog days. I like that picture of you two better than the lawnmower one. Now if you could just squeeze in the chocolate man…. And I hope to have more internet time in the coming months! Did I say I missed you two? I miss those days too and all the laughter! I miss chatting with you Bev! Is great to see that there a people who motivate and strengthen the lives of others through writing. I am greatful to you about this site. I love being here all days, so as to get tip on solutions to problems about life.

Sherry Riter a. Having been to "Hell and back," her passionate writing will inspire, motivate, educate and make you laugh. Sherry is ready to help you reach your full potential and Stop Living Comfortably Miserable. Let me tell you some of them… A Good Friend Helps You Feel Less Lonely — Although there are billions of people on the planet, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with loneliness. Why do they listen attentively?

They appreciate you taking the time to tell them whatever is on your mind. A Good Friend Reduces Stress — Being with or talking to a good friend can calm you down and reduce the stress you feel. By being able to bounce thoughts and ideas off them, you feel more peace about yourself and your place in the world. They will tell you how great they think you are without holding back. They are able to point out your good points and help you feel better about yourself by boosting your confidence level. The friendship validates your existence and that alone is a self-esteem booster. However, it is easy to drop all your preconceived beliefs and look at everything from a new perspective when a good friend points you in that direction.

A Good Friend Is Trustworthy — Being able to trust someone is a valuable gift and brings peace into your life. A good friend would never betray the trust you have in them. They believe that you are wonderful and can accomplish anything you set your mind to doing. They are right there with you, supporting you in every way possible to attain your dreams and find success with your goals. They also find a way to steadily push you to accomplishing what they know you want to accomplish.

They will defend you and tell everyone that you are the greatest without even blinking. If they have to, they will bite your enemies. Well, not really bite them, but they will defend you to the bitter end! A good friend is totally on your side and since you can be yourself with them, there is a deeper connection that goes beyond words.

You are understood, valued and loved. Not only do you laugh, but you laugh until your sides hurt and tears are pouring out of your eyes. Yes, having a good friend is a fun experience. They know what matters is on the inside and not all the superficial stuff on the outside. A good friend respects the differences between you and it does not affect the friendship because you care sincerely for the person.

A Good Friend Helps You Cope With Bad Times — Whether you are going through a divorce, job loss, health issues or trying to cope with a death, a good friend will be there for you during the bad times too. Even if they are just a shoulder to cry on, you can depend on their support through the tough times. A good friend is a positive addition to your life. They want to spare you pain and help you get ahead, so they share all they know about life. Whether they think you are right or wrong, they still stand beside you. A Good Friend Can Relate — A good friend has experienced many of the same things as you have, so they can relate with how you feel about an issue or circumstance.

They know what it feels like to have a broken heart, the sadness of the death of someone close or the excitement of a long awaited vacation. They have felt the same emotions and they know the path you are on and can totally relate with your journey. A friendship is a positive relationship that adds great value to your life.

A Good Friend Improves Your Mental Health — It is true that a good friend improves your mental health because you feel understood, loved and not alone. Those feelings inspire peace in your life, within your soul and in your mind. Comments I must say that out of the thousands of posts you have written on your blog this is without a doubt the best post you have ever written! What a surprise that you like this one the best! You can say that again….

I need a good friend do you

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