I need a date night

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As parents of a 2-year-old, even Liron and I can have trouble finding time for date nights. Because we are too busy to fit even one more thing into their schedules. Because we already take our spouse or marriage for granted. Your children will have a better childhood: When you and your spouse are reaping the obvious and these subtle benefits of spending time together, you will be less likely to persistently argue.

The decreased propensity for sustained tension in your household makes it easier for you both to establish warm, effective relationships with your children. When your kids feel confident in your love for them, they have fewer academic problems, fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, and less anger and aggression in their peer relationships. Imagine …having just one date night every week will help you be better parents, make your sex life hotter, go a long way toward divorce-proofing your marriage and makes you both happier.

The benefits for having fun together as a couple are immense. Want to plan an exciting Date Night? Check out our Date Night and make sure to up so you receive updates about future events. Next. The effects of this have been measured. For men, they are 2. The data say that the individuals are happier in general. The women in these couples are 4 times more likely to initiate divorce and the men are 2. This combination makes for great sex!

The research shows that sexual satisfaction for men is 3. Women have increased satisfaction in their marriage: Women tend to need more social connection than men. And when their spouse regularly prioritizes time with them, women generally feel more connected, supported, and safe.

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I need a date night

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