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Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, so you can find so-called contact bars, erotic massages, brothels, sex clubs and escort services in and around Lucerne. Clubs usually charge an admission fee and perhaps some additional money depending on the service you require. In fact, they often also pay a fee to use the establishments. In brothels and studios it's more straightforward. There's no admission and no bar area. You just book an appointment. But there are no strict definitions and boundaries are fluid.

Since Lucerne's government and parliament have been discussing new regulations for sex clubs in an attempt to make this business safer for everyone. Currently it looks like sex businesses will require a from and the police will be able to do inspections without warrants. By then, sex clubs should offer an even safer environment for both prostitutes and customers.

Naturally, there are also erotic massage parlours. Street prostitution is also permitted, but is less regulated than in cities such as Zurich no general registration needed, foreigners need a work permit. Nevertheless in the city of Lucerne it's only allowed in non-residential areas. This is most prevalent in the industrial district of Ibach at the edge of the city. In Lucerne, the era of strip cubs where half-naked ladies dance around a pole until they're entirely naked is apparently over, as the last strip club we knew of closed in the winter of What still exists are so-called contact bars where you can meet a prostitute and accompany her to a room nearby.

Finally, there are also escort services in town. Here then is a list of contact bars, erotic massage parlours, sex clubs and the like. We believe these places to be upstanding businesses, but we still recommend employing simple common sense when delving into the world of adult entertainment. When in doubt, choose not to pay with a credit card and use only cash.

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Housewives seeking casual sex Lucerne

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