Hotwives in Miami

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Lea likes her liquor. And Adrianna? Younger, hotter, hipper, slimmer is the rule in Miami. Or so Kanye West and Daft Punk might sing of these women. That, and a lot less clothing. Oh Herman, really? Anonymous complaints? Just tell your evil stepmother how you really feel! Of course they want to see tacky photos of socialites! So much for the Revolution. They have it so easy. All they have to do is make money. Well, modest by Housewives standards. The mid-day fare features fresh mojitos and chicken and rice simmered in a Crock-Pot, all of it hastily prepared by the strangely effervescent Chef Pepin.

Too bad that his mise en place requires little more than a can opener. At a swimsuit fashion show last week, she drooled over the enticing male models and seized the empty runway after the show for an impromptu modeling fit. To smooth things over later, he serves her wine and guacamole while she pouts. We think Frederic is a doll. Careful, Adriana, you know what they say about gift horses.

I ran in that group and it was a lot of fun. Her intuition tells her that Marysol might not be having the greatest sexual chemistry with her young French boyfriend, Philippe, and she wants the details. Certainly not, even if she has an upright piano with stained-glass windows where the music stand should be. In a cast full of Latinas, Lea Black is as white as they come. If all else fails, she gets everyone drunk. Lea wears a peace symbol around her neck while planning that simple cooking-lesson party for her friends. She met her husband when he was an attorney at the William Kennedy Smith trial and she was a lowly sequestered juror.

Lea has a hand-held addiction and bitches about her low battery, even while guests are waiting. Every year the Blacks host a charity event for at-risk children. This one seems tame by comparison. Lea decides to invoice her later. What's Eric Eating Episode By CultureMap Staff. Post Houston Opening Date. By Eric Sandler. Burger Preserv. By Steven Devadanam. Movie Review. By Alex Bentley. Specialis Revelio! By Holly Beretto.

By ABC13 Staff. By Julia Davila. Drafting a new owner. By John Egan. Estate living. By John Egan, InnovationMap. By Chantal Rice. Dripping with drinks. By Melissa Gaskill. A destination that stacks up. By Celestina Blok. Home ยป Entertainment.

A bug's life. Opening Night at the Rodeo. Houston's newest amusement park thunders into water park with 11 rides. By Joseph Campana , Theodore Bale. Mar 2, , am. Enlarge Slideshow. The Real Housewives focuses on younger and hotter women in the Miami edition. Cristy Rice certainly isn't backing down. How about less Larsa Pippen and more Scottie please? Help us, Bravo. He looked awfully spry trying yoga. Read These Next. Serena Williams hits fashion winner while boyfriend Drake fumes.

Dashing deer lets romantic side come through with a little edge. All Rights Reserved.

Hotwives in Miami

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The Real Housewives of Miami