Honestly just a chat buddy

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It was the kind of that makes your shoulders clench up tight, right by your ears. A friend—not a super-close one, but one I respected and admired—wanted my help with a writing project. Her deadline was seven days away. She just needed a few hours of my time. She was even willing to pay me. Would I help? I could probably squeeze this little project into my week if I juggled a few things around, woke up earlier, stayed up later, or carved out some time on a Saturday or Sunday. I would rather have those hours to myself to work on my other projects.

Or just cuddle with my sweetheart. I am honored to be part of your world. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and colleague. In some instances, no explanation is required. But for close friends, it can often be a nice touch. Think: a link to a helpful blog post, a resource, a worksheet, a few quick tips, or a referral or personal introduction to someone who might be able to help. Not something that takes more of your time.

I took a deep breath, glanced at my calendar, and chewed it over. But even just thinking about it, I was already feeling bitter and resentful. But I would love to support you in a different way. Good luck with the contest! In the example above, I mentioned that I have a particularly busy week. Good thing you know.

Honestly just a chat buddy

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