Hawaii body lady

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Explore by Category. Wellness Travel Sustainability. Home Reno Entrepreneurship Personal. Top Posts. Low Waste Bathroom Essentials. Importance of Reef Safe Sunscreen. Find what you're looking for. Travel Guides. Going to Hawaii? Check out my curated travel guides! Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide. As young girls, many of us are focused on our outer appearances to feel confident and beautiful.

Now, I realized I wanted to be the successful entrepreneur, the inspiring friend, the smart woman, the risk taker — the vibrantly alive soul. With this realization, I found how little my body type, shape or size was tied into ANY of my goals. They were different sizes, skin colors, body types and ages. Today I am so proud to share my story on the Aerie Blog. In this same fashion, I often find myself sharing pep talks on my Instagram because I see such a need for the conversation that Aerie is having with the AerieREAL campaign.

We need less body shaming and more self love. When you make the mental shift to view your body through a lens of gratitude — our cellulite, love handles or lack of a booty — seem to fade away. Two years ago, when we packed up all of our belongings and moved to this little island in the sea, I had a wildly different perspective on size and the role it played in the value of my body and myself.

Swimwear never made me feel comfortable, let alone beautiful! There is no expectation of perfection. There is only an an invitation to show up as you are. Then, the confidence started sinking in more and becoming contagious. Little by little, I started looking at my body differently and started to love my curves more, my smaller chest, my imperfect but perfectly strong legs. I started the inner work that it takes to have outer confidence! Societal norms taught me that to be sexy you had to look a certain way, act a certain way, dress a certain way.

You had to look like the sculpted, made up, photoshopped images that you see across glossy magazine s. Sexy looks like women celebrating themselves, inside and out, and rocking the bikini now not five pounds from now! Having a good sense of humor, not taking yourself too seriously, quick wit — this is sexy. I find it sexy to show up to life with confidence!

Not the other way around! When I first moved here, I would only notice gals on the beach who had these tiny, fit, perky bodies. I would look down at my very friendly thighs, always rubbing up on one another, and my soft belly that rolled when I sat down — not hating what I saw, but not owning it as entirely beautiful. Slowly, beach trip after beach trip, I started to notice something different.

Something incredible. I started to notice that the most beautiful women were the happy ones. They were the girls splashing around in the waves with their sisters, not glued to their phone. The greatest beauty on the beach was those fully engaging in life! And they came in all sizes, ages, colors and body types. You are an incredible, beautiful woman inside and out! You deserve to be celebrated! Thanks for reading! Although each of us is but a drop in the ocean, we can set off a ripple effect with a global impact.

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Hawaii body lady

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