Grand forks strip club

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Quty has a small daughter, and Alix is raising a daughter as well. Friday night marked the last of topless dancing here, which for nearly two decades has drawn bar patrons to the south end of Main Street in Williston. She moved to Williston from Chicago after hearing about the money to be made as a dancer here.

The two strip clubs became known for fights, underage drinking and over-zealous security guards. After two men died as the result of confrontations that spilled onto the street, police began standing outside the bars every night at closing time. In stark contrast to earlier days, on one evening this week just two customers sat at the bar as night closed in. The next night, the club was nearly empty and the stage lights dark well after the doors opened. Still, the place brought in enough customers to support about 15 dancers, who last week were told they had just a few days left to work.

Heartbreakers closed Friday night and will reopen next Friday as a destination for the gay and lesbian community. Trending Articles. Northland Outdoors. Indigenous Impacts. Energy and Mining. Government and Politics. They support their kids by performing as exotic dancers, and in the process formed a secondary family in a place that's gained -- fairly Security workers hang out at the front door of Whispers, one of two strip clubs in Williston.

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Grand forks strip club

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