Fuck this Harvest

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My band make this music in , and record in I made a very similar song in an old band of mine, between What a crazy coincidence I saw this band at the poison the parish tour last year for seether at the palladium and boy were they good. This is their only good album in my opinion. I don't know what happened but it's 10x better than the others. I always listen to Black Stone Cherry radio on pandora and recently these guys have been popping up. I'm glad, I really like there style. Great band. It was fucking awesome! It was epic, they played smells like teen spirit by nirvana, and walk by pantera.

Shane Economu Fuck! I wish I had stayed! How long did they play? The same length as Alter Bridge or longer? Saw them a few years back when they opened for Tremonti right before he launched Cauterize, honestly one of the best shows top to bottom I have ever been to. A rock song talking about being country Yep that's me. If you gotta bad attitude and a graveyard mind.

Got shitty ink from doin' time. Trailer park living is how you think. And your welfare check is how you drink. You ain't worried when you're down on your luck. Squeek Tate. John Da Montanha. Matthew Fountaine. Collin Mackin. Kaesey Deats. Eileen Plouff. Trever Bellinger. Novux Gibbon. Taylor Howard. Cody Graham. Shane Economu. Louis Sorace. LeslieR68 Robertson. Tifany S. Donovan Roessler. Sephren Bluemane. Dyana Webber. Steven Hill. Lucifer Cross. Ian Higdem.

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Fuck this Harvest

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It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers